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Family Picnic

Every year my wife's family has a big cookout and reunion. About 80 of her brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles and cousins and nieces and nephews show up for the festivities. West Virginians are a clannish sort and this annual shindig is a family tradition.

Another long-held tradition is that any family member can fuck any other family member. Whether a blood relative or just a member by marriage, if someone gets your engine going you're expected to show your interest and take action. Why, even before I married Lola, I got to fuck her sister, Deena, and two of her cousins, Valerie and Lisa. I also got my asshole tongue-fucked and my cock sucked by Lola's mother. Sort of an official welcome to the family.

Each reunion is better than the year before. There are always new wives and husbands and older nieces and nephews who reach the age where they're able to join in on the real fun at these family festivities. We had a reunion at the family home two weekends ago and naturally it was the best yet. Lola's Mom and Dad own a 200-acre spread of woods and creeks and mountains miles from the nearest town. And I'm willing to bet that every acre got its share of the family fertility rites.

Lola and I drove in from Charleston, said Hello to her folks at the big house and then went our separate ways in search of the sex we knew awaited us. I headed down to a nearby stream and found just an ideal situation. Tim, one of Lola's cousins (he's about 30) was fucking the hell out of blond 19-year-old Anna, another relative. I quickly stripped down and walked toward them, my dick leading the way.

Anna grabbed hold of my dick as I knelt down and Tim and I shook hands as that blond nymph sucked my hard-on into her hungry mouth. Her boobs were smooth and full and felt warm as I palmed them and playfully pinched her cherry-red nipples.

While Tim pumped her pussy, he told me that there were three new girls (in addition to Anna) who were joining the reunion this year. One was a new wife of one of the uncles, and two others who had come of age. I just love fucking these tight pussies," Tim said as sweat dripped off his nose. Anna was already coming and making whimpering noises around my dick and when Tim shot his wad, he slammed deep into her quivering body. I pulled my spit-slick dick from Anna's mouth, a sparkling strand of pre-squirt stretching from dick tip to her lip.

"Ah, a hard cock! Just what I need!" I looked up to see Anna's mother walking toward us. Rhonda looks enough like Anna to pass as her older sister, with the same whitish-blond hair and blue eyes. But her breasts were fuller and less firm and her hips were wider. She was still younger looking than her 41 years and she had a sexual appetite that was well-known even in this highly-sexed family.

"Good, you haven't cum yet," she said as she grabbed and stroked my hard-on. "Do you feel like plowing my lower forty?" That was Rhonda's way of asking for an ass fuck. How could I refuse? Even though we weren't blood related, she was still family. Besides, a tight ass is a good fuck.

"Oh, mama, let me eat you while he does it!" Anna pleaded with her mother. Most of the women in this extended family are bisexual and are as comfortable eating cunt as they are sucking dick. Anna was no exception, and I figured her mother's cunt was the first she ever ate anyway. Rhonda quickly straddled her daughter's head and I kelt behind her.

Anna took my dick into her mouth again to slick it up while I kneaded her mother's fleshy buns and probed her browneye. When I was ready, I pushed my dick at Rhonda's pore and it opened right up and about sucked my bone into her chute. I felt Anna's fingers playing with my balls and knew she had a close-up view of this down-and-dirty action.

I saw that Tim was watching Rhonda eat her daughter's cream- filled cunt and his dick was already getting hard again. He came over and let Rhonda lazily lick her daughter's drying juices from his crotch, but even though she wanted to suck him off, he said that as much as he'd like to oblige, he was going to have to ration his loads.

"I've got a lot of fucking to do this weekend," he told her. "Gotta pace myself." She Rhonda lapped Tim's crotch while I rammed and rooted her asshole while her daughter slurped at her cunt. Ah, what a way to start a weekend!

Well, I popped a nice thick wad up inside her rectum and when I eased my cock out, my scum dribbled from Rhonda's hole right onto Anna's waiting tongue. Then I waded into the stream and rinsed off in the chilly mountain water. I watched as Anna sucked her mother's ass, then I headed for the barn where I knew there'd be a lot of exciting and stimulating things going on.

And was there ever! I heard the groans and cries from 100 feet away. I walked in through the side entrance and there were about half-a-dozen others already gathered watching the goings on. The center attraction was a leather chair contraption suspended by a rope from the rafters to about 4 feet from the floor of the barn. Directly underneath the suspended seat was a platform and on the platform was Lola's uncle, Garth, who was the proud owner of an 11-pussy probe. Garth was on his back, naked of course, but his big cock wasn't visible because it was deep in the red-trimmed muff of Maureen. She was sitting in the suspend- ed seat, legs wide and her cunt spread open over the hole in the center of the seat through which Garth's cock skewered her.

Naturally the seat twirled and Maureen was spinning round and round as she bounced on Garth's prick. Her eyes were rolled back so that only the whites showed and sweat was glistening on her alabaster skin. Her tits were white cones, sprinkled with freckled and tipped with inch-long red nipple. I'd had a wild fuck with her last year myself and she was thoroughly enjoying her ride in that sex saddle.

Scattered around the barn were many more family members engaged in some form of sex play. A portly relative in his fifties perched on a bench and jerked off as he watched his wife and a young niece engage in a heated lesbo fuck using a double dong. One amazing thing about Walter is that when he jerks off like that, every minute or so his cock spits out a wad of cum, a wad which Walter catches in his palm and hastily licks off.

Nearby was Lola's sexy Aunt Cleta, wearing leather straps and holding a horse bridle. She was sitting astride a man whose name I didn't know, who had the bridle over his head and the bit between his teeth., From his asshole protruded a leather riding crop with Cleta pushed into his butt as she rode him. His stiff cock dribbled his liquid excitement onto the barn's hay-covered floor.

Also on the main floor of the barn was a small circle of men and women of all ages engaged in a noisy daisy chain. They sounded like a herd of hungry pigs grunting and slurping and squealing as they ate each other to ecstasy.

I noticed my wife having a three-way with her cousin Mark, who had taken her virginity years ago, and another male relative whose thick cock was plunging in and out of Lola's blonde box. Lola was paying homage to Mark's jewels with her active tongue as Mark sat in front of her. Lola was on all fours and Mark sat on a stool in front of her, licking his balls and cock and rimming his asshole. Lola just adores tonguing and sucking assholes, male or female, young or old. Her four-inch oral muscle feels wonderful while it's wiggling and squirming up an asshole, and I should know because she's done it to me enough. I knew that Mark was getting quite a treat.

I felt a hand caress my balls and I looked down to see Becky, the 18-year-old daughter of Lola's brother, on her knees next to me, staring hungrily at my cock. Becky had the family's trademark blue eyes and blonde hair and was gorgeous. She had been her high school's beauty queen and word was that she would soon pose for a popular men's magazine. With her all-over tan, 37-inch bust, lovely face and those firm, long legs, she was sure to go far.

"Hi, Uncle Don," she said. "I've wanted this for so long. Can I have it?" I didn't say a word but flexed my PC muscle and my cock jumped. She licked her full lips and planted a soft kiss on the head and she twirled her tongue around the hole in the tip. At the same time her long fingernails lightly scraped my balls as she toyed with the sac. I moaned and laid my hand atop her head.

"Hmm, Becky, that's good," I said. She parted her sexy lips and looked up at me as she gently sucked the length of my pole into her mouth. I heard moans and groans from all around me and the air in the barn was thick with the smell of hay, sweat and sex, but all I could do was enjoy the delightful sensation of Becky's sweet mouth on my prick and her fingers on my balls.

"Wait, Hon, I want a taste of your sweet cunt," I said, reluctantly pushing her away from my hard-on. A clear string of wetness connected my dick to her lip and her tongue licked it off hungrily.

"Just a taste?" she asked, smiling provocatively as she lay down and spread her long, smooth legs. Her scarlet gash was surrounded by blonde, almost platinum, curls. Drops of her secretions flecked the curls and oil oozed from between her lips. I moved my head forward with my tongue leading the way. It made contact with her slick flesh and easily slid between her hot folds.

"Oh, God, Uncle Don!" Becky screamed. "Eat my pussy! I love it!" Cunt cream poured from her pussy like lava as I sucked and slurped, and her thighs clamped around my head as I feasted on my niece's yummy treasure.

I finally stopped and moved so that my hard prick was ready to drill her. The heat from Becky's cunt radiated like a heater and warmed my already hot cockhead. I slipped between the swollen cunt lips and my ram rod made its way into her snug tunnel of love. Becky sighed as I sank deep and she hugged me tight, kissing me and licking her own juices from my face.

"Ah, yes, fuck me, Uncle Don. Ooh, I love your nice, hard cock inside me."

Becky may have been only 18, but she certainly could fuck with the enthusiasm of a woman twice her age. She could flex her inner muscles to grip my prick and she had a nice circular motion when she thrust her hips that added to the pleasure of the coupling.

All too soon I felt that familiar tug inside as my spunk reached the boiling point. Becky's pussy was already spasming as her orgasm took hold so I just let the waves of pleasure roll over me as I fired volley after volley of scalding cum deep inside her.

Becky clung tightly to me as we caught our breath and my spent prick slipped from her juice-filled cunt. Eventually, feeling the need to relive my bladder, I got up and immediately one of the family, a 30-year old woman, went after Becky's swampy snatch with a voracious hunger.

I left the barn and walked to the shower house. Inside, as I stood on a platform, I pissed on a couple below who were fucking on a huge rubber sheet. Anyone was welcomed to pee or to be pissed on there. I'd been on the receiving end a few times myself. Then I took a quick shower to wash off the sweat and headed for the main house.

What I've told you is only the tip of the iceberg. The entire weekend was wall-to-wall, round-the-clock sex, carnal enjoyments most folks can't even imagine. I shudder to think that I might have married into a "normal" family.

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