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Family Raiders

THE HUNT: The vehicle they had just stolen fit perfectly into the suburb neighborhood of Carsonville, A five year old nondescript gray four -door Ford which matched dozens of others in this middle income community. Don't need to stand out now thought Cutter as he drove slowly down one road after another looking carefully at each well kept home they passed. Not sure what he was looking for but knowing that his safety and that of the three men with him depended on finding a place to hide and finding it soon. It had only been six hours since he and the others had broken out of the jail wing of the hospital. The radio was full of police bulletins warning citizens to be on the watch for the four escaped convicts

Watching just as carefully from the front passenger's seat was Mike Washington, a convicted rapist serving a life sentence for his third conviction. In the back seat sat Willie Watson, a homosexual drug dealer serving ten years to life and "Crazy Carl" a demented child molester. Each had changed into civilian clothes stolen from the doctor's locker room during the escape. The car was found in the parking lot covered with dust indicating it had not been moved for a few days. It was easily hot wired and started.

Cutter, real name Don Martin, was the leader of the group who had wrangled their way to the emergency room of the hospital by faking food poisoning. He himself was serving a life term for the murders of two teenagers who had the unfortunate luck to be parked, making love, on a back road when Cutter drove by. His nickname came from his specialized talent of using sharp knives and razors on his victims. "Guns are for the jerks," he always said, "it takes an expert to slowly dispatch a victim and enjoy each second."

THE ESCAPE: Cutter smiled when he thought of the ease with which they had gotten away. After arriving at the hospital under guard by two prison officers, the four men had been given exams by the head nurse. She was a tall slim red head with large tits; straining at her uniform. Her partner was an older gray headed lady who tried to smile and be friendly even though she was obviously nervous with four prisoners in her care. The redhead, who made no effort to be friendly, also had a very foul mouth and treated them like scum. Cutter made a mental note to take her down, a long way down, before they left.

All four were given hospital gowns to put on and told to get into bed. The emergency room had five beds separated only by sheets that could be drawn around each bed. Mike Washington had purposely put the gown on backwards with the opening in the front. The nurse glared at him and told him to put it on correctly as she saw his huge cock hanging in the open. Cutter quickly realized that actions such as this could jeopardize the escape plan and told Mike to knock it off.

The assigned doctor had not arrived from his home yet and the two prison officers said at the doorway with shotguns in hand looking very bored. The redheaded nurse snapped at Cutter telling him to come over to the desk. Cutter got up and holding the rear opening of his gown closed walked over to the desk smiling all the way. "What's you name beautiful?", he asked as he stood in front of her.

"None of your damn business," she spat out, "let me ask the questions and you just answer." "What is your prisoners number?, she asked, putting great emphasis on the word prisoner.

Cutter continued to smile while his mind was working on how he will bring this bitch down, down below his own level even.. "I have trouble remembering it honey," Cutter drawled, "but I think it starts with sixty-nine."

The nurse frowned and turned toward the officers at the door and said, "I've got another asshole here, can you straighten him out?"

Both of the prison officers stood up and walked over to either side of Cutter. Dave, the larger of the two, puts the barrel of his shotgun against Cutter's groin and pushed in hard. Cutter bent double with the pain. "Don't give the nurse any trouble Cutter." She's a friend.

Cutter felt this was the time to act. He moaned while doubled over and holding his hands together near his waist he then formed two karate fists. With the speed of a snake he lashed out right and left from his bent position striking both officers in their testicles. Both dropped the shotguns and tried to let out a scream but couldn't. Each quickly received another chop to their "Adam's apple" that finished them off as they fell to the floor. The redhead stood up and ran to the emergency button on the wall screaming for help. The other three men quickly got out of bed. Mike tackled the redhead and Willie grabbed the older nurse.

Carl went to the door and closed it sealing off the room from the hallway. Cutter checked the officers and found both out cold. He went over to the equipment cabinet and almost had an organism when he saw all the various ultra sharp scalpels lying on a shelf. Picking up one with a two inch blade he walked over to where the redhead was struggling with Mike. She quickly froze when Cutter held the blade an inch from her left eye and stood there saying nothing. Moving the blade slowly back and forth between her green eyes, he watched her eyes follow the blade without blinking, her body frozen against Mike's.

"Well, well my pretty miss.", Cutter softly said as he continued to move the blade between her eyes, "Do you think we might have a change of attitude here." She managed a slight node of her head but no sound came forth. "Good girl, I hope you do mean that." "I've looked forward to getting very close to you."

Just then Willie, holding the older nurse easily in his grasp, asked, "What about this one?"

Cutter shook his head and said, "Don't hurt her she was nice to us." Walking over to the two officers, who still had not moved, he took out a pair of handcuffs and tossed them to Willie. "Just hook her up to that pole over there. You'll not give us any trouble will you?" The older nurse shook her head and was handcuffed to the pole by Willie.

Cutter returned to the redhead nurse and asked, "Where is the doctors locker room?" She mumbled something about a couple of doors down the hall. Cutter told Carl to go down carefully and see if he could find some clothes. Turning to the nurse he again put the scalpel in front of her face and said, "Now lets get better acquainted. Willie is going to release you and you will not move one muscle. If you do I'll cut your throat. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?" The nurse stiffened and nodded her head yes.

"OK Willie, let her go." Willie released the tight grip he had on the older nurse and stepped back. The nurse didn't move a muscle. "Name?", asked Cutter, "I need a name to get close."

"My name is Windy.", she whispered still standing stiff as a board and watching the blade so close to her face.

"Windy, nice name Windy." Do you mind if I get to know you, all of you?"

"No, I don't mind."

"Good, you really don't have another choice in the matter and remember what I said about moving, I'll cut your throat in an instant." Windy closed her eyes and her body shook as she nodded acceptance.

Cutter then lowered the blade and one by one started to remove the buttons on her nurses uniform shirt. Windy's eyes snapped open but she didn't make a sound or move. Stepping behind her he grasped the collar of the shirt and cut down with the blade to the waist line. Reaching up to the two halves of the collar he pulled them down and over her shoulders and off her arms revealing a lacy white bra supporting her ample breasts.

"Nice, very nice but let's get closer even still. Is that OK with you Windy?" She closed her eyes and again nodded her head. Cutter reached out and grabbed her hair and said, "I want to hear you Windy, say it."

"Yes , yes. I do want you to get closer.", Windy choked out.

Cutter then grabbed the waistband of the uniform skirt and with one slash cut down and let the garment drop. Windy now stood in her bra and panty hose that covered what appeared to be dark blue bikini panties. Cutter quickly cut the hose off and reached up and carefully cut one of the bra shoulder straps then the other. Placing the blade between her breasts he quickly pulled forward cutting the bra in half. As if fell to the floor, Windy shuddered as her massive breasts were reviled to all.

"Pretty, you should go topless at all times Windy, now for the final curtain." Cutter carefully cut both sides of the blue panties from waist to thigh and watched as they slowly floated to the floor. Windy was a true redhead. "Having fun Windy? Answer me!."

"Yes I am, please don't hurt me.", she cried as she stood fully exposed to all.

Cutter smiled and dropped his hospital gown reviling a massive hard-on pointing stiffly up into the air. "I will hurt you if you don't get down on your knees and give me the best blow job of your life."

"NO I can't, I've never done that to a man." Windy sobbed out.

"One last chance bitch, do it or you're going to be sorry." Cutter snapped as he placed his hands on her shoulders and tried to force her to her knees.

"NO, NO I can't", Windy cried as she tried to pull away.

Cutter reached down and grabbed Windy's right nipple and pulled heavily on it stretching it out. With a quick motion the scalpel in his right hand came down and instantly severed the rose colored flesh held in his hand. For a second Windy made no sound but looked to see Cutter holding what once was the nipple of her right breast. Blood began to run from the wound and she began to scream. Willie grabbed her from behind and covered her mouth with his hand cutting off her scream. Cutter slowly walked over to the reception desk and tossed the severed nipple on it. "I guess you should have the doctor sew that back on, shouldn't you?"

He opened up the supply cabinet and took out a large square bandage. Tearing it open he approached Windy and taking her bloody breast in his hand he pressed the bandage over the wound. "That will have to do for now my dear, we don't have time to wait around. Now will you get on your knees and do as you were told?" Willie released Windy and she slowly sank to her knees in front of Cutter. Leaning her head back she opened her mouth wide and closed her eyes. Cutter smiled as he reached behind him and took a ball point pin off the desk and quickly placed it crosswise at the back of Windy's teeth preventing her from closing her mouth.

"Sorry honey I don't think you deserve my sperm. You're a bitch and what bitches need bitches get." With that statement he grabbed the back of her head and aimed his cock directly at her mouth and a heavy stream of urine exploded from its slit. Windy's mouth quickly filled with the foamy liquid and she tried to close her mouth. Holding her head steady Cutter reached over and squeezed her nose closed. Windy couldn't breathe without swallowing all the piss in her mouth. She gagged but got it all down. Cutter then filled her mouth again. Again she swallowed. Four more mouthfuls were filled and swallowed. Cutter released her hair and removed the pen from her teeth. "Maybe next time you'll treat all people the same, with courtesy, correct." Holding the bloody bandage tightly against her bleeding breast, Windy sank to the floor and slowly shook her head that she understood.

Just then Carl entered the room with clothes piled up on his arms. "I got them, let's get the hell out of here.

The four men quickly dressed in the stolen clothes. Cutter went over to the older nurse and opened one handcuff and led her over to where Windy was still lying. He hooked them together through a table where they could move but not reach the phone. "You take care of the bitch old woman. They might be able to put her back together." With that they left and stole the car out of the parking lot.

THE HIDING PLACE: Cutter suddenly remembered he was driving and supposed to be looking for a hiding place. All the homes look the same. Only the lawns and choice of paint colors made them different. Mike and Carl were both grumbling about getting caught if we couldn't find a hiding place soon. Suddenly Carl thought about the car they were in. It was left for days perhaps the owner was away with an empty house nearby.

"Open up the glove compartment and look for the registration papers Mike." , he yelled. Mike fumbled through papers and other things and came up with a California registration certificate. "Read it." , commanded Cutter.

"It says this car belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Scott at 12312 West Apple Lane in Carsonville. Hey, that's this town and I remember passing Apple Lane a while back in the hilly area!" Cutter immediately turned around and began to retrace their path.

After ten minutes they say a sign post that said Apple Lane. Driving slowly they watched each house as the addresses grew in larger in number until they came to an area where the homes were set way back from the road and obviously were very expensive. Cutter slowed down and noticed each gated driveway had numbers attached nearby. Mike suddenly exclaimed, "There it is, 12312 The Scott's. It looks locked, how do we get in?" Cutter thought a minute and then said, "Look for an opener of some kind." Mike quickly found a remote transmitter in the glove box and pressed the button. The metal gate slowly began to open.

Cutter looked carefully at the winding driveway that led up to a large home located behind trees. He pulled the car to the side of the road and stopped. "Let's walk up first then bring the car. Might be family living there." The four men got out the car and carefully moved up the driveway. At the top of the drive they came upon a large two-story modern home with many lights on and music coming from a window upstairs. Cutter had Willie and Carl go around to the left and he and Mike went around to the left. In the rear was a large swimming pool with a bubbling spa on one end. No one was in either but the door to the house was open. Willie and Carl met them and the four sat down to decide their actions. Cutter suggested a wait to find out how many were in the home and who they were. All agreed. Mike was sent down the drive to bring up the car without lights and close the gate. Cutter and Willie crawled up to the lighted window while Carl watched their backs.

By carefully looking into the window they could see a dinner table set up and a beautiful lady about thirty-five years old speaking with what must be her two children. They could see a boy about 13 and a girl about 15 years old. They were laughing as they ate and seemed to be having a wonderful time. Cutter noticed that there were only three place settings. Must mean that they were not expecting anyone else. He whispered to Willie that they should wait until they are sure no one else is around before moving in. Willie agreed just as Mike reappeared. Cutter called over to Carl and the four decided that an hour should be enough to determine if anyone else is inside.

The hour passed slowly as the four men watched the family finish their dinner and split up. The girl went upstairs and the boy went into a TV room. They watched as the mother put away the dishes and straightened up the kitchen. After a while the teenage girl returned downstairs in a tube top and shorts. All of the men took a deep breath when they saw how she filled out the top and the curve of her ass in the shorts. A real duplicate of her mother. She and her bother began watching TV and were soon joined by their mother. Cutter decided this was the time to move in.

He had Mike go to the front to prevent any escape in that direction. Carl watched the side door and he and Willie slowly entered the open door by the pool. They came into the TV room behind the family who were all sitting on the couch. Cutter took out one of the many scalpels he had taken from the hospital and motioned for Willie to stand behind the couch. Walking around in front, Cutter heard the family gasp in unison as he appeared between them and the TV

"Good evening, please don't scream or do anything stupid. There are men behind you and outside who are very desperate. Just sit where you are and take deep breaths." Cutter's commands seemed to sink in as all three of the terrified people on the couch froze in place. "Sorry to intrude but we need some place to rest for awhile and your home has been picked." "Carl, Mike come in now."

When all four men were in side and in sight of the family the mother turned to Cutter and said, "Take anything you want but don't hurt us. There is money in the study and jewelry in the upstairs bedroom. We won't call the police until you're safely away." Cutter walked over in front of the woman leaned down and smiled while saying, "You don't understand madam, we need a place to stay for a while. It seems we have too many people wanting to talk to us. Crazy Carl laughed his weird chuckle which seemed to bring chills to the three on the couch.

"Now let's get something straight, I want to know who you are and who is missing from this lovely home.?" The woman replied, "Only my husband Tom, no one else lives here." :"Where is old Tom?" "He flew to Oakland for a medical conference. He'll be back tomorrow." "Does he drive a gray four door Ford?" "Yes, how did you know?" "We're driving it lady." "Well seems we should introduce ourselves to be neighborly, I'm Cutter this is Mike, Willie and Carl". "What's yours?" The woman looked at her son and said ,"That's Bobby my son and this is Dawn my daughter. I'm Mrs. Scott." "Forget the formalities lady, what's your name?" The woman shrank back and said, "My name is Debbie Scott."

"That's better." , said Cutter as he searched the room with his eyes. Class, money was all in evidence. Must take hundreds of thousands to furnish this whole house like this he thought. "OK we now are close friends and formalities are out of the way let's talk about our mutual get together for the next few days." Debbie Scott stiffened and cried, "next few days? What do you mean, take what you want but leave us alone. Her children crept closer to her as she spoke.

Cutter scanned the family group. Debbie a tall beautiful woman in fine attire, Dawn a vivacious teenager with a woman's body, and Bobby an overly tall young boy with that all American look. Walking directly in front of them he looked each in the eye and slowly said in a voice that gave them all chills, "You people will have us as guests for a long time, you will treat us as guests at all times we will treat you as we desire at all times. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" Debbie and her children shook in unison but understood this man meant what he said. Debbie knew her children didn't know what might be in store for them from these animals. Debbie did know and it made her blood run cold.

DINNER BREAK: Cutter immediately had Willie, Mike and Carl fan out to search all the rooms in the home. It consisted of five rooms downstairs and six upstairs with many bathrooms. After twenty minutes they all returned with the news that no one seemed to be there and all signs seemed to indicate that only the husband was missing. No weapons were found and very little cash seemed to be around. Debbie was questioned and confirmed that they did not allow guns in the house.

Cutter thought it was time to plan their first night in the house and make sure everyone knew what was going to be the rules for tonight. Mike said he had put the car in the garage and closed the door. Carl and Willie said both homes on either side were dark and had high walls that prevented anyone from seeing in. A steep hillside in the rear also prevented anyone from seeing in from that direction. Cutter now relaxed a little and noticed he was feeling hungry. The family was still sitting together on the couch when he came into the room. Walking over to Debbie he smiled and said, "How about all of us sitting down to a nice dinner?" "I'm sure you are a good cook Debbie and we're all very hungry." Debbie nodded and holding both of her children's hands she pulled them down the hall into the kitchen. Cutter motioned for Mike to follow them.

Cutter walked over to the fully stocked wet bar in the room and poured himself a stiff drink of Cognac. If there was any finer taste than the brandy of France, he had not found it. Willie and Crazy Carl walked over and fixed themselves a drink also. "What's our next step?, asked Willie. I guess we have to plan to stay here for a few days, maybe a week." answered Cutter. "If so we have to make sure we are completely in control and have every thing covered. One mistake and the cops will get us." Willie set back in his chair and lifted his glass, "No problem boss, I'd like to get to know that lovely young boy better. He really interests me. "Forget it for now Willie, we have to plan our survival. That's the most important thing now."

"OK but I have a real hard-on for that boy.", replied Willie as he downed his drink. I will save myself for him later." Cutter winced as he remembered the stories of how Willie treated his sexual conquests. Turning to all of the men in the room he said, " Here is how we will handle this, if anyone doesn't like it let me know now or keep his peace." None of the men spoke up. They knew how Cutter took care of the opposition. No one wanted to test his skills with the blades he carried from the hospital.

Mike came into the room and said dinner was ready. All entered the dining room and found that Debbie and the kids had cooked some steaks and potatoes and had seven place settings laid out on a long formal table. "Wow," said Crazy Carl, " Never saw such a meal in my life." All sat down and ate a delicious but very quiet dinner. Cutter sat next to Debbie and watched her every action. She in turn kept her eyes on the kids. She and the kids ate with forced mechanical motions, never smiling never saying a word. Mike sitting next to young Dawn kept his eyes looking down the cleavage of her tube top. Crazy Carl spent his time trying to make conversation with young Bobby. During dinner Cutter had whispered in Debbie's ear that a glass of wine would be a nice accompaniment to the dinner. She rose and removed a bottle of Burgundy from the storage rack and poured each of the men a glass. "Don't forget anyone", said Cutter motioning at the children. Debbie hesitated but then poured a half glass for both of them also. When everyone had finished Cutter went to the wine cabinet and found a bottle of very old Cognac, his favorite drink. He poured some into a glass and inhaled the aroma. Debbie and the children cleaned the table and put the dishes away. All were ordered back into the living room where Cutter stood before them like a commanding general.

"It must now be obvious to all of you that my men and I have total control over this house and of you." Cutter watched as the three hostages shivered at this words. "We will be guests here for a few days perhaps a week but in any case you will do exactly as you are told to do and do it without questions or hesitance." "Failure to comply will bring harsh punishment and pain." "UNDERSTAND?" Looking around, Cutter saw all three of the Scott's with their eyes closed and heads bowed. He walked over directly in front of them and in a loud voice said, "I want each and every one of you to repeat just what I told you, NOW!." Debbie swallowed hard and said, "If we don't do as you say you will hurt us." Dawn was next, "We will be hurt if anything goes wrong." Bobby squeaked out a mumbled acceptance of the demand. Cutter smiled and walked back to the front of the room. "Good, that's very good. Now lets make arrangements for the night. You two kids will sleep in one room where you can be watched. Willie you'll stay with them in that room. Carl, you Mike and I will take turns standing watch. One hour on, two sleeping." Mike glanced at Debbie and said, "What about the pretty lady? Where does she sleep.?"

"That will be taken care of don't worry my friend.", said Cutter as he saw Debbie cringe and shutter. "Now, off to bed kids and don't give Willie any problems. "Please", cried Debbie, "Can't we all stay together ." "I don't think you'd like that my dear lady. said Cutter, "Unless they're into voyeurism." Debbie's eye's widened and her face froze. She understood just what he meant. Her night would not pass in peaceful slumber.

BEDTIME: Willie grabbed both Bobby and Dawn roughly by the arms and started up the stairs. He stopped at the first bedroom and drugged them in closing the door behind him. Both of the kids looked very scared and stood together in the corner. Looking around Willie could see he had chosen Dawn's room. Typical teenager's room with lots of posters of the latest "hulks" from MTV and the movies. Pink and yellow pastels gave the room a bright look. Checking out the one door he found a nice bathroom with a small window twenty feet off the ground. Too small even for Bobby to crawl through he thought. Going to the hallway door he slid a large chest-of-drawers in front of it. No one was going to move that without waking him up. The rest of the room was made up of two twin beds and a desk.

"OK kids, you two take the far bed, I'll take this one." Dawn and Bobby looked at each other, they had not slept together in the same bed since in ten years. "Get to bed, now.", Willie shouted. Quickly getting under the covers the Bobby and Dawn made the best of the tight conditions. Both were too scared to complain. After the lights were out and Willie was snoring, Bobby whispered to Dawn, "What do you think they're going to do next?" Dawn whispered back, "I don't know but try to do what they want and don't get them mad, they could really hurt us." Little did she know how visionary she would be.

Down stairs Cutter had sent Crazy Carl out to keep watch on the front areas and Mike was sent to watch the pool and back areas. Debbie was standing near a window trying to look relaxed and not as petrified as she actual felt inside. Still dressed in the very expensive dress she had worn out shopping this afternoon she looked ten years younger than the thirty-six years she was. Cutter guessed her to be about five foot nine or ten inches tall without heels. Real blond hair bound back in a pony tail. Facial features of a model with very little sign of any wrinkles. He also guessed about 36-28-37 but the true figures would expose themselves soon. Cutter had to chuckle at his own humorous thoughts. He walked over to her and stood before her. Debbie pushed her body back against the wall as tight as she could. "Let's sit down, have a after dinner drink and relax. It's time to plan our lives for the next few days." With that he took Debbie's hand and let her to the sofa.

Pouring two more Cognacs he handed one to her and sat down very close to her with their thighs touching. Debbie tried to move away but the arm of the sofa prevented her from removing the contact. Cutter sipped his drink and said nothing for a while then turning to her he said, "I want you to understand that I meant what I said earlier. If you and the kids don't cooperate fully with each and every demand made of you, you will suffer punishments and pain as you have never dreamed of. Do you totally accept this as the truth and will conduct yourself accordingly while we are your guests?" Debbie smelled the Cognac laden breath of this part animal part suave gentleman as he whispered to her. Her mind was reeling with all that had happened so quickly but she knew she had to stay clear if she and the kids were going to survive. He mind continued to flash with vivid scenes of what could and most likely would happen to her, even if she complied.

Like all women, Debbie had fantasized many times about rape but always during those fantasies she was in control and the man was what Dawn would call a "hulk". Never did she dream of four escaped convicts using her body in anyway they choose. "Well?" Cutter's sharp voice cut though her thoughts and quickly brought her back to reality.

With tears flowing down her cheeks Debbie made a plea, "Please, I'll cooperate with you, but don't hurt my children, they're so young." Cutter gently touched her hand and said, "Hurt has many definitions, maybe what you would call hurt, some would call a learning experience." Again Debbie spasmed and again her thoughts ran wild. What did this man mean, did it mean what she dreaded to think but couldn't stop from filling her mind. Dawn only sixteen and Bobby just thirteen, no it wasn't possible, was it? The look in Cutter's eye's gave her the answer, it was not only possible it was assured.

THE RULES: Cutter,. still touching hands, continued to just stare into Debbie's eyes. "You're going to rape me aren't you?, she sobbed softly. "No," replied Cutter, "We're going make love, all of us. What better way for house guests to be treated?" Debbie just shook her head and dropped her chin to her chest. " This is how it is going to be Debbie, and any deviation from these instructions will cause great pain and suffering to those who do so." With that Cutter stood up and in a strong voice began to read his "rules for house guests".

"Tonight you will join me in bed and you will perform like you may have many years ago when you reached your peak. However, you must accept the fact that you will learn many new ways of pleasing a man." "Things you may like, things you may not like. It's immaterial, you wants are not considered. Only ours." "When I am sufficiently pleased Mike and Carl will be serviced in the same manner. Any hesitation as to a request for any service will be treated with swift punishment. You must realize that the three of us have not had a woman in years and the pent-up dreams we have had are ready to be put to practice." Debbie looked puzzled, "Three?" "Oh, yes I forgot. Willie only does men or should I say males." "Your job is to keep the rest of us pleased at all time regardless of the time or place." Now stand up. Debbie stood facing Cutter. He wrapped his arms around her and said, "To begin, kiss me and do it like we have been lovers for years." Debbie stared into the face of the man who now owns her body , her fate pre-planned. She closed her eyes and parted her lips and pressed them to Cutter's waiting mouth. Feeling his tongue probe she forced herself to probe back with hers.

After Cutter released Debbie he picked up the bottle of Cognac and two glasses and pointed to the stairway. Debbie led the way while fighting back the urge to cry or scream. "Which one is yours?, he asked. She pointed at the end of the hall where the double doors were. As expected the bedroom was very tastefully and expensively furnished. A large king sized bed sat in the center of the room and doors on either side led off to "His & Hers" bathrooms. Cutter opened a sliding mirrored closest and ran his hand over some of the beautiful gowns. "Maybe next time we'll have you get into one of these, tonight the time is too short." With that he sat down in a richly upholstered chair and motioned for Debbie to stand in front of him. " Now I want to see you strip slowly one piece at a time, while I enjoy the suspense.

Debbie had to take a deep breath to clear her mind. Can this be happening? Here in her bedroom where for more than eighteen years she spent thousands of happy hours both by herself and with her husband Tom for whom she had stripped lovingly many times before. He in her safe inter-sanctum she was about to be raped by a strange man, no not one, but three men. The snap of Cutter's fingers brought her back to the reality of what she must do. Her sleeveless dress opened in the front with seven buttons. Debbie stared at the wall as she started to open each one from the top down.

"No Debbie.", said Cutter, "You will look me directly in the eye and make love with your expressions at all times. She dropped her gaze and managed a slight smile as she made eye contact. When all of the buttons had been opened Cutter could see a lacy white half slip and a white bra of some shinny material. Opening the front wide Debbie allowed the dress to fall at her feet. Cutter watched as she was not sure of what next to do. Taking her thumbs she pulled at the waistband of the slip and pushed it down to the floor. Cutter raised his hand and indicated for her to stop. His stood up and walked slowly around Debbie as she stood with her arms at her side.

Cutter took a deep breath and smelled her perfume that was mixing with the body odors that had formed under stress. The cleavage of her breasts was most promising. It had been years since Cutter had seen a woman's intimate apparel being worn and so close. The dark panty hose made her creamy white mid section stand out even more. He resisted unhooking the three hooks at the back of her bra. No he thought, It's better to make her do it and let her feel she has no other choice. Sitting down he motioned again to continue. Debbie slid the pantyhose down and balancing carefully removed it from both legs. Now there was only a white panty covering her mound. Still keeping eye contact, but with rising tears in her eyes, Debbie reached behind her back and unsnapped the hooks on her bra. Bringing the two bands to her side she hesitated, a pleading look on her face, but finally lowered her shoulders slightly and allowed the bra to slide off and drop.

Cutter sat just a foot from the perfectly formed white globes with small delicate nipples proudly pointing ahead. His cock that had been hard since the beginning now strained to grow even bigger. He heard Debbie take a deep breath as she lowered the panties exposing public hair that was golden in color and he was sure of fine texture. Only the slightest indication of any cunt lips could be seen while she stood there. Twirling his finger he indicated for her to turn around. Debbie did so and now her beautiful ass was in front of Cutter. "Open up your legs for me." Debbie moved her feet apart. "Now bend over and touch the rug." Cutter couldn't see the expression of embarrassment on her face as she bent over thus exposing herself completely to this stranger. Not even her husband had seen her in such a position.

Cutter saw a perfectly formed rosebud of an asshole with no scaring or hemorrhoids to mar it. below was a pink cunt with slim lips surrounding it. Lightly covered to the edge with the blond hair. Hard to believe two children had come from this orifice but he would soon tests its depth and diameter. "Enough," he said, " Now it's my turn. Start with my shirt" He stood before her as she worked each button of the shirt stolen from hospital earlier. As she pealed if back off his shoulders her breasts touched his chest, nipple to nipple. A shock ran through both of them at this first contact. Going down to her knees she undid his laces she removed both shoes and socks. Staring eye level with his crouch Debbie knew what was next. Opening his belt and drawing down his zipper she saw no shorts, just a mass of black curly hairs and the head of a massive cock standing straight up. Closing her eyes to the sight she lowered the pants and removed them from each leg. With her eyes still closed she felt Cutter reach under her armpits and left her easily to her feet.

"I think we both should get squeaky clean ", Cutter said, "don't you agree? Debbie nodded as she was led to the nearest bathroom.. Cutter told Debbie to set the water at a very hot temperature, the prison never had enough hot water. They both entered and he took a bar of perfumed soap out of the tray and a wash cloth and began to wash Debbie's back. He continued down her back and especially took pains to wash between those lovely cheeks of her ass. He spent much time on the Debbie's frontal area going between her crouch and those big tits. Parting her cunt lips and rubbing the soapy wash rag slowly between them. Ordering her to bend over he made sure that lovely pink rosebud of an asshole was spotlessly clean. When he was finished he handed the cloth and soap to her and let her do him from head to toe. Debbie had never been in a shower with any man except her husband. The task of washing another man's genitals and his rectum was almost more than she could do but she finished the task. Cutter's cock at all times was standing like a spear in the air, waiting for skin to pierce.

Drying off he led her back to the bed. He started to lie down and changed his mind. No he thought, that's not the right position for her, lying down, no way. This has to be done correctly, on her knees. Standing next to the bed he put his hand on her shoulders and pushed down. Debbie knew this was coming and didn't resist. Her face was only inches from the massive cock that she had just cleaned. Much bigger than Tom's with a large red head with an opening that she knew would spew the sticky sperm that she didn't like to clean up after sex. Would he make her swallow it she wondered. Once Tom had not told her he was cumming and he sprayed the inside of her mouth with gobs of the thick stuff. She had spit it out and told him never to do that again. Now she knew she must obey each and every command given, even if it meant swallowing every drop.

"You can start by licking my balls.", said Cutter, "Too big to put in your mouth but do suck on them carefully." Debbie reached out with her tongue and tasted his scrotum, occasionally puckering up her lips and sucking on the massive orbs. She constantly had to reach up and remove hairs from her teeth. After a while he told her to start on the shaft. Debbie licked from his balls up to the head, back and forth. Cutter told her to open the slit and tongue it. A real virgin at this he thought, no experience at all it seems. Must have a real nerd for a husband. Using both thumbs, Debbie spread the slit and put her tongue into the slot. A bitter taste meant some piss had appeared at the end. "Now all of it, take it all in." Opening her mouth to the very limit she pulled down on the shaft and took it into her mouth. Letting it slide to the back of her throat she pumped her mouth and sucked as hard as she could.

Cutter wanted to enjoy this as long as possible but it had been years since he had a woman sucking him off. He was going to cum quickly and nothing could stop it. He took on hand and held the back of Debbie's head and with the other grabbed his cock and pulled a little back from her lips. "I want you to see every drop you're going to get. Open you mouth and stick out your tongue, keep your eyes open." Debbie complied and he began jacking off with his cock far enough away from her extended tongue so that she could see the slot widen just before it began to spurt streams of warm cum onto her tongue and into her mouth. "Don't miss a drop.", he warned. It took all the control Debbie had not to spit out the slimly liquid but she locked her jaw and allowed it to fill up. When he stopped he said, "swallow it." Debbie did so with a loud gulp. Debbie began to breathe quickly in a series of quick pants to prevent throwing up. She finally got her stomach under control and without knowing why ran her tongue over her lips as if she had just had some ice cream. They were covered with more cum and she knew she had to swallow again. This time it was easier. Debbie tried to tell herself it's like swallowing the white of an egg at a party but she knew the taste and musky smell would remain for a long time. This time it wasn't an egg, it was millions of microscopic sperm expecting a warm vagina to swim in but getting an over-acidic stomach instead. They all died within seconds.

Cutter needed to relax after that so he rolled over and laid flat on the bed. "Clean me up, hon, it's a little messy." Debbie started with his balls and licked them and the hairs around them until they were clean of all cum. Then the shaft of his limp cock was licked until no trace of cum was left. "While you're down there you could do something else for me if you would, tickle my asshole with that beautiful tongue of yours." Good god Debbie thought, what else can happen to me. Cutter was getting mad, "Come on Debbie, you know what will happen if you resist." Cutter raised his legs high up and brought his knees all the way back to his chest thus exposing his full crouch. Debbie could now see the large dark ring below the scrotum. In her mind she remembered how carefully she had washed the area just a while ago. She tried to convince herself it was only skin and not to think of what passes there sometimes.

Lowering her face she placed her tongue on his scrotum sack and started licking downward moving slowly downward. Smooth skin and hairs suddenly became a rippled hump, she knew she was there. Debbie lightly stroked the area but Cutter pushed down on her head and buried her face in the crack of his ass. "Push Debbie, push hard.", he cried, "I want your tongue inside my asshole." With her head pushed so deeply into his ass slot Debbie could hardly breathe. She knew the only way to stop his pushing is to do what he wanted. Rolling her tongue into a point she placed it in the center of his asshole and pushed with all her might. It worked as she felt the sphincter muscle give way a little and then surround her tongue. A bitter taste and then she was squeezed out by a spasm of the muscle. At least she could now breathe. "Good girl, good girl, that was super but next time I don't want to have to push, understand?" Oh my god thought Debbie, he said "next time".

Cutter felt re-charged now and spun Debbie around onto the bed. Quickly he placed his now again ridged cock against her cunt and without waiting pushed it fully into her. Debbie did not have time to lure herself and the immense organ caused her pain and she cried out. "I told you I don't want any crap when you're being fucked, didn't you understand?" "I'm sorry I couldn't help it, it hurt." Cutter glared down at her while he pumped his cock in her, "Hurt, I'll give you hurt tomorrow when your demerits are counted up." Cutter was going to use the prison system of demerits to keep track of how the family performs. He again couldn't stop the quick cumming and let loose another heavy stream of sperm into Debbie. Getting up he told her to take a shower and get ready for Mike. Debbie had forgotten there were to be three rapes tonight. As she showered she wondered if Mike and Carl were worse in bed than Cutter was. It wasn't long until she found out. Mike came next, then Carl. Debbie wished Cutter had not shared her.

THE SECOND DAY: The next morning Debbie awoke and immediately felt the pain of the previous night. Her nipples hurt where Carl had bitten them until they bled. Her asshole was fucked at least five times in all ,maybe more. She swallowed at least a pint of three different tasting cum's and had an equal amount matted in her hair where they wouldn't let her take a shower to clean it out. She had been forced to sleep on the floor as Mike and Carl both slept in the bed. Cutter opened the door and smiled down at Debbie. "Sleep well my dear, looks like a nice soft rug.?" Debbie didn't smile, she wrapped the sheet they had given her tightly around her and stood up saving she needed to go to the bathroom. Cutter grabbed the sheet and jerked it off leaving Debbie totally nude. "When you're around us you will not cover yourself up, understand?" The noise caused Mike and Carl to wake up. "Hey boss did we have a blast last night. Right honey?" Debbie stood nude before the three men with her head bowed. "Please may I have a shower?" Cutter patted her on the ass and pushed her thwarts the bathroom, "Sure hon, have a warm one but not too long. We need breakfast cooked."

Debbie entered the shower and stood with the hot water spraying on her head not moving. Taking inventory of her body it seemed her two nipples were the only parts that were bleeding. She felt inside her vagina and it seemed a little sore but normal. Her asshole was like a bruise, it hurt when she touched it. Remembering Cutter's warning, Debbie washed quickly and dried herself off. Not having anything to wear she started to wrap a towel around herself but stopped thinking how he might react. After all there was nothing the three of them hadn't seen or done to her body. She opened the door and stepped into the room. All eyes were on her naked figure as she stood there. "May I get dressed? Cutter looked and said, "OK but not too much, takes time to remove it all." The three men laughed at his joke. Cutter walked over to her cabinets and selected a see through "babydoll" peignoir that covered all but was very thin. "That's enough Debbie, just enough." Debbie looked at herself in the mirror and said, "How can I go before my children in this? I'm still naked."

"Yep, you're almost naked but not fully so," said Mike, "They should know that their mother has such a fine figure." Debbie was grabbed by Carl and walked down stairs to the kitchen. In the kitchen were Bobby and Dawn sitting at the table still looking very scared. Both looked startled when they saw their mother walk in wearing only the peignoir. Bobby looked away quickly, Dawn's mouth feel open and she said, "Mother, what are you doing? You can't go around dressed like that. Please put something on. Cutter walked over to Dawn and put his finger on her nose and told her in a low voice, "Your Mommy will wear what I tell her to or nothing as I decide. You will shut up or I may decide to have you wear one just like it. With that statement, Dawn froze and sat down, still staring at her mother. Bobby kept looking at the floor until Carl grabbed his hair and jerked his head up and pointed him directly at his mother just three feet away. He knew about female bodies from reading magazines he had hidden in his room but never thought about his mother being like those women until now. He could plainly see she had large breasts with dark nipples showing through the thin material. More importantly he saw a blond patch of hair between her legs that caused a stirring in his loins.

Carl whispered in his ear, "Hey boy you like what you see? Maybe we can let you see more later. Would you like that?" The men all laughed and Bobby again looked at the floor. Mike went over to Debbie and told her to start breakfast. The men sat down and began to discuss the nights happening. Debbie cringed when she heard some of the details being discussed where the kids could here some of the words. Even though Bobby was two years younger than his sister he was more aquainted with the street language the men were using. He only caught some of the words: she.. large... sucked...asshole. cummed fucked....but enough that he knew his mother's night was not quiet like his was. Dawn grabbed his arm and quietly asked, "What are those men saying? Did anything happen to Mom? Tell me." Bobby took a deep breath and said, "I think they raped Mom all night long." Dawn hid her face in her hands and started to cry. The men noticed and Cutter yelled over to shut up. Debbie stopped long enough from fixing breakfast to come over and hold her. She felt she knew why her daughter was crying. Debbie prayed that she do would not soon have to cry for Dawn.

After breakfast Cutter told Debbie and the two kids to go into the den and sit down on the sofa. Debbie sat in the middle and held the kids on both sides of her. Cutter motioned for her to get up and come over to him. Shed didn't want to leave Bobby and Dawn but remembered his warnings. She stood up and came over to Cutter who stood by the window. As she walked over to Cutter Bobby couldn't keep his eyes off his the smooth curves of his mother's ass as she walked. The raging power of teenage puberty took over and without warning he felt his cock grow hard and press against his pants. Bobby tried to stop it but it grew to full length. He quickly put a pillow over his lap to cover it. When Debbie reached Cutter he looked her in the eye and carefully said, "Debbie its share time. The boy's and I have decided we had such a great time last night that we should share it with everyone, including the kids."

Debbie stopped breathing for a few seconds before turning to Cutter and pleading, "No, please, I'll do anything you want if only you don't involve them." Cutter paused and then said, "Debbie hon you'll do anything we want anyway. Don't try to bargain with us woman. Listen up to what I say and remember pain and suffering like you can't imagine awaits anyone who doesn't cooperate." With this Cutter raised the two inch scalpel and placed the point just below Debbie's left eye. "I'll cut your eye ball out if you don't do exactly as I say or maybe I will use Dawn." A deep sickening feeling spread over her entire body as the threat took holds. Debbie knew she would do exactly as they wanted her to do.

Cutter backed Debbie into a corner and held her chin tightly with one hand while still holding the blade near her face. "This is the game plan for today Mrs. Scott," he growled, "we all are going to play games and have fun." "All of us, do you understand.?" Debbie was held so tight she could only mumble a yes. "Good girl. You know what will happen if you and the kids don't cooperate." With that he swished the blade down just inches from Debbie's nose.

Cutter led Debbie out the side door and set her down on a patio sofa. Sitting next to her he began to tell her of the step by plans he had for Dawn, Bobby and her which will keep he and his men amused for a while. Debbie sat with tears streaming down her cheeks and her eyes closed while she heard Cutter describe the unimaginable trials they would be forced to endure. Not one of them would be spared from the horrible games made up by the sick minds of these animals.

When Cutter was finished Debbie was made to repeat word for word what the "game" plan was. She made many mistakes and had to start over time and time again. At some parts she just couldn't repeat what was going to happen and froze up until Cutter waived the blade at her. Finally she got the entire scenario down and repeated it word for word. Staring across the room at Dawn and Bobby she knew they would be growing up today and in a way never imagined. Just then Willie came outside and said, "There is a man coming up the driveway, walking." "Quick, said Cutter, everyone inside and wait for him".

Tom Scott hiked up the winding driveway after the police had driven him home. The stolen car report took only a few minutes and the officer was kind enough to offer Tom a ride. As he entered the front door he called out to Debbie and the kids but didn't receive an answer. Walking into the den he was startled to see his wife standing there in an almost transparent peignoir and both children in the room. "Debbie, what are you doing dressed like that in front of the kids?

"Something is better than nothing, don't you think so my friend?" The strange voice came from behind and as Tom turned he came face to face with Cutter holding the razor sharp scalpel to his neck. "One move and your head falls off, understand?" Tom was too shocked to reply he just stood there as Mike and Carl grabbed his arms and tied them together. "What do you want, I have money take it just don't hurt my family." Cutter shook his head and replied, "We've been here quite a while and as you can see they are all safe and sound. A little used perhaps but safe and sound. To stay that way you will cooperate the same as they have." "Yes, I'll do what you want, just take the money and leave."

"It's not money we need, it's time to stay hidden, said Cutter, and this is a very nice place to do so and have fun while we are at it, right Debbie?" Debbie knew from the long instructions she had just received that agreement was mandatory. "Yes, Tom we're having fun, please join us." Tom couldn't believe what he was hearing. His wife was standing there almost nude with four strange and armed men in the room and asking him to have fun. His chain of thoughts was broken when Mike and Carl grabbed his arms and dragged him over to a chair and forcing him to sit. Cutter walked over to Tom and spent the next few minutes filling him in on what he had missed and the plans for the day. Cutter then walked to the center of the room and turning slowly to Debbie he commanded, "Let's begin now."

Attempting to have her mind and feelings go numb, Debbie began the start of the instructions she had received. Sitting between the two children she slowly told them the story of last night and how she was raped by three men. Every detail had to be drawn out in great detail using the vilest language she could muster. Cutter had warned her not to leave out a single thing that happened to her. Dawn and Bobby listened in complete silence as they heard how she was sodomized five times, forced to drink cum, fucked for hours without letup. She then told them of the bleeding nipples, Cutter insisted on this, and how they could help heal them. With that she lowered her peignoir exposing both breasts. "Dawn, Bobby, I want each of you to take one of my tits and suck on the nipple to help it get better."

With that she reached around both of their heads and drew them down to her chest. Dawn took the right nipple and slowly began to suck it. Bobby resisted and Debbie had to really force his head down. When he made contact with her left nipple he also started to suck and lick it. Debbie noticed the large bulge in his pants but understood how this could affect even her son. The men in the room were transfixed at the sight of the kids suckling their mother. Tom Scott just sat and stared, unable to believe what was happening before his very eyes. Standing across the room, Cutter took in the powerful scene that he had orchestrated. The familiar feelings were again stirring in his body. Power, total power over others gave him the high that he lived for. Looking around the room he began to imagine how he was going to use the family members as players in the next scene.

Debbie Scott sat back on the couch and tried to let her mind go blank. It was impossible as she felt her daughter and son suckling her breasts while her husband and four total strangers watched. She thought how stupid to call them total strangers as they knew her body better than Tom did after eighteen years of marriage and she theirs. Unable to control her thoughts she remembered how Cutter, Mike and Carl each had unique bodies and used them in different ways. She tried not to think of the differences between their cocks, Cutters huge clean cut, Mike's long and skinny shaft and Carl's uncircumcised cock. She had hours to observe them as she sucked and licked them last night. She even remembered how each ejected a different tasting cum into her mouth. After the first few assaults she managed to suppress the nausea and just swallowed the warm sticky liquids.

Debbie's thoughts were interrupted by Cutter as he came up and put his hands on her shoulders. "I think that's enough for now.", he said. Dawn and Bobby immediately stopped sucking her nipples and straightened up. "Well kids, what do you think of you mothers body?" Looking directly at Bobby he said, "Tell me about what you see." Bobby lowered his eyes and said nothing. Cutter grabbed his hair and shouted, "Don't ever ignore my questions or I'll cut you in two." Bobby looked up and stammered, "My mother is very pretty but I shouldn't be looking at her without clothes on." Cutter released his hold and smiled down, "Oh, I think every young man should see where he came from." Turning to Debbie he whispered, "Stand up." Debbie slowly stood up and stood in front of Bobby and Dawn. She shook with embarrassment as she knew the thin nightgown hid nothing. Cutter leaned down to Bobby again and said, "I think you ought to check out your past, I mean just where you came from. Don't you agree?" Bobby sat staring eye level at that blond patch below his mothers tummy. "What do you mean?", he asked. "I mean for you to reach out and explore the place where you spent nine months curled up inside." Debbie and Bobby locked eyes and each had a horrified look on their faces. Cutter moved until he was just an inch from Bobby's ear and said, "Reach out and touch your mother's soft fur, do it now!" Bobby's eyes were transfixed on his mothers pubic mound as he reached out and gently rubbed the Golden Fleece. "No", said Cutter, "do it under the nightgown."

Bobby lowered his hand below the hem of his mother's gown and slowly ran his fingers up until he found the silky hairs. His body stiffened as did his virgin cock. It was the most overpowering jolt to his teenage body since his first nocturnal ejaculation last summer. He thought nothing would surpass that but this did. Debbie stood frozen with her eyes down at her son as he caressed her. She wanted to scream out but Cutter's threats stood out in her mind. Better to suffer indignities than to be sliced to pieces.

Cutter's body now flowed with the feeling of total power. He with his voice alone was able to put these people into total bondage. Bondage without ropes or chains but bondage that was equally restraining and effective. Anyone can use ropes to bind; only a master can control with his mind. Cutter's smile broadened as he thought how his wishes could control a human with his commands as some command with restraints. Power, power is what he had and what he would use.

"Bobby, I want you to go lower and place your fingers inside, inside the tunnel you came down not too many years ago." Bobby was now in a semi-trance and did not protest. He put his hand down the cleft of his mother's cunt and pushed one, two then three fingers deep inside the warm and wet orifice. Debbie began to shake as she felt her son's fingers pass over her clit and then go deep into her. Again her thoughts returned to the night before when Carl had put his entire fist up into her, a feat that she thought was impossible, but a feat that did happen. Cutter felt that this was the time to start the main event. With Tom the father appearing unexpectedly, he now made some most interesting changes in the script that was to be played out.

"OK, that's enough Bobby. Sit back down on the couch." Debbie sighed heavily as she lower the transparent peignoir in an unsuccessful attempt to cover herself. Cutter whispered something in Debbie's ear which made her almost pass out but the appearance in his hand of the deadly scalpel forced an almost imperceptible nod of her head. Slowly she rose and pulled the peignoir over her head and dropping it on the rug. Totally exposed she walked over to the couch and knelt down in front of Bobby and began unbuttoning his pants. Bobby attempted to push her hands away but again the sharp scalpel was waved and he did not do so.

Debbie pulled the pants down and off his hairless legs and then grabbing the waistband of his shorts she lowered them exposing a very stiff cock and tightly pulled up balls. For a boy of thirteen, the size of his cock really surprised Cutter. It must have been the previous experience with touching his mother that pumped additional blood into the virgin shaft. Debbie, following the explicit scenario that Cutter had given her, opened her mouth and began sucking her son's cock. Bobby sat their not believing what was happening. His sister Dawn, made some squeaking sounds but didn't take her eyes off her mother and brother. Tom, sitting with Mike and Willie on both sides of him, could not move and just closed his eyes until Mike jabbed him in the ribs and warned him to keep them open.

Debbie sucked her son's cock for a few minutes then as she was instructed pushed him down on the couch. Straddling him on her knees, she placed his cock against her still sore cunt lips and lowered herself until he was fully inside her. She then began slow pumping movements up and down his shaft. Bobby's face was still frozen in awe of the feeling of his first fuck. Something he had fantasized over many times but never with his mother in the star roll. From his vantage point, Cutter could see Debbie's ass rising and falling as Bobby's cock was sucked up into her golden bush covered slit.

Cutter quickly put plan two into action. Going over to the petrified Dawn, he lifted her up from the couch and with the ever present scalpel just inches from her eyes brought her over to where her father was seated. Cutter whispered in Dawn's ear, "You saw how your mother did it now you will do the same for your father." Dawn stiffened as if an electrical shock had passed through her body. She started to protest but Cutter reached out and pulled her left eyelid out from her eye by the eye lash. Holding it out about a half inch he said, "First I cut this one off then the other one if you don't do as I have said." Dawn started to say something but instead just quivered while large tears rolled down her face. Releasing her eyelid, Cutter placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down to her knees in front of her father. Mike and Carl made sure Tom did not move as Dawn with trembling hands began to unhook his belt and open the buttons of his pants.

Tom Scott could not help himself as the incestuous scene was being played out. An unstoppable stirring in his cock became an almost instant erection contained only by his pants. As Dawn opened the last button, his firm shaft sprang up with its dark red head almost hitting her in the face. Dawn started at her fathers shaft and knew what she was to do but couldn't. Cutter helped by pushing here head down until her lips were pressed against it. Slowly she opened her lips and felt the warm cock slide into her mouth. Some ingrained sense that all women were born with began to control her as she sucked and pumped the length of his cock.

Cutter enjoyed the scene for a while but wanted the main event to proceed. He quickly reached behind Dawn and cut the tube top she was wearing allowing her breasts to flop out into the open. Seeing that Tom was almost ready to cum he pulled her away and laid her down on the rug. Pulling her shorts and panties off he exposed another golden thatch of hair even more impressive than her mothers. Mike and Carl each grabbed one of Tom's arms and lifted him up and pressed him on top of his daughter. "Put your cock in your daughter now.", said Cutter as he pressed the scalpel against Tom's neck. Tom was too close to cumming to resist. He looked down at the fantastic figure of his daughter and taking his cock in hand guided it into her virgin cunt. Cutter watched for a while as son did mother and father did daughter. He noticed that not all of the grunting sounds seemed to be painful rather some were of pleasure.

Mike, Carl and Willie were all watching Cutter for the sign that everyone could join in. Cutter waited until he was satisfied that both Bobby and his father had fully filled the cunts of Mom and Sis. Bobby was no problem as he had came twice in his mother and Tom had taken only seconds to fill up Dawn. Seeing this Cutter gave the OK for all to join. His men quickly stripped down but stood waiting for Cutter to make his choice. He choice of course was the just deflowered daughter who lay next to her panting father with rivulets of his cum dripping down her legs. "Move over daddy, I'm next. "quite a mess you left me." He said as he wiped Dawn with her own shorts. Grabbing her by the hair he raised her head up and pressed his cock deep into the former virgin mouth.

Seeing this Mike immediately went to where Bobby and his mother were still fucking. He left them coupled but turned them on their sides and plunged his cock deep into Debbie's asshole. He could feel Bobby's cock rubbing against his as they both fucked her. Willie lost no time in laying down behind Bobby and putting his cock into the teenagers virgin asshole. Bobby yelled in pain but did not stop fucking his mother, he wanted a third organism to fill that wonderful hot and wet spot. Like a layer of a sandwich all four of them were pumping and moaning, three cocks, two assholes and one cunt.

Carl stood nearby, jacking off while he waited for an opening. Cutter motioned for him to take Dawn in the ass while he finished up front. Dawn grunted in pain as Carl took her without any lubrication but stopped whining when her sphincter muscle final stopped spasming and let his cock fully into her body. For the entire day it was one big circle jerk with everyone doing what ever they wanted to with whom. Willie screwed and sucked Bobby and his father. Cutter did Debbie and Dawn in every way possible. Mike and Carl added their perverted needs to the party. This orgy went on for two days with clothing never worn at anytime by anybody.

THIRD DAY: Debbie was preparing dinner on the third day as she was instructed to do so. Peering out the window she saw her son on the edge of the pool screwing his sister in the ass while Carl and Mike watched closely. After the many hours and days of sexual performances she was totally uncaring about what was occurring out side. She had just walked by the den where she witnessed her husband in sucking Willie's cock. Funny she almost felt jealous since Willie had the only cock that had never penetrated her every orifice. The though of it brought on a tingle in her well used body.

On the morning of the fourth day Cutter ordered everyone into the Den. As usual no one was wearing any clothing but none seemed to mind. Standing before all he said, "I'm sure you all will be sorry but today my men and I have to leave. It has been long enough since our escape that no one will be looking for us locally. I'm sorry I will have to take your car for a while but will leave it in good condition somewhere later." Turning to his men he ordered them to get dressed. Cutter then produced some ropes which he had found in the garage. "I'm sorry but I will have to tie you all up in order to give us a chance to get far away." Then looking directly at Tom and Debbie who were seated next to each other on the couch he said, "However be aware when you do free yourselves, if you call the police and report any of what has happened here in the last four days, I or one of my men will return and kill you." Smiling Cutter came close and said, "It will take you about three hours to cut through the ropes and I hope that you will take this time to decide to forget what has happened here. Rather I hope that you will be pleased to remember what has happened here."

With that he approached the couch were Debbie and her husband were seated and stood before her. Still nude he massaged his cock until it was fully firm and said, "One more for the road, OK?" Debbie opened her mouth and took the full length in and began to suck. Loud slurping sound filled the room until Cutter came with a cry that shook the room. Tom, sitting next to her, had produced a giant hard on as he watched gulp down Cutter's sperm. Finished, Cutter pushed Debbie down on her husband's cock and let her take care of his needs also.

He then ordered Debbie on the rug and her son to lie on top in a "69" position with Bobby's face in her bush and hers in his. He tied them tightly in this position. Then he had Dawn lie down and her father lie on top also in a "69" position with his mouth pushed against her golden bush and hers next to his cock which was inflating quickly. Making sure the knots were tight he showed them a sharp edged file that would allow them to free themselves ,with a lot of work, over the next few hours. Blowing a kiss at Debbie, he left the room and dressed. All four of them got into Tom's car and left down the road with smiles and remembrances of a great time. As they drove away Cutter was thinking that he didn't get to do is most favored act with his blade, had too much pleasure. Smiling, he promised himself that the next family party would be different.

Several hours later as night time approached, Tom had managed to free himself and quickly untied his family. They hugged each other and kissed and finally realized that they were free. Debbie was first to bring up the question of what should they do now. "Do we call the police and risk being murdered some day by one of them?" Her husband nodded and said, "What has happened cannot be reversed and I think that we have seen the last of them. I think it would be better if we just put it in the past and try to go back to our normal lives." Debbie, Bobby and Dawn all nodded their heads in agreement. The four members of the Scott family slowly walked upstairs to spend the first night without Cutter and his crew.

Arriving in hallway between the bedrooms they finally felt strange that they were all still nude. The past four days had conditioned them to not feeling embarrassed of their bodies. Tom looked down on this daughter whom he had visited her many openings in most all ways humanly possible and she looked up smiling. Debbie did the same with her son Bobby and could see his flaccid cock start to swell. Debbie then looked directly at her husbands eyes as he did also. For a few seconds nothing was said then Debbie reached out and took Bobby's hand and opened to door to his room. Standing in the doorway she continued to stare into her husbands eyes.

Tom then took his daughter's hand and opened her bedroom door. Both parents stood looking at each other and both smiled. Tom was first to speak, "Let's meet in our room in a couple of hours, OK? Debbie smiled and reached down and pulled her son into the room by his now fully formed cock. Dawn felt that what works for my bother works for me and did the same to her father. Nothing was ever said again regarding the past four days but future sleeping arrangements became varied in the Scott household.


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