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Family Tradition

We grew up in a small town, in a very large farm-house. My mom is self-employed, and makes a very good living. My elder sister Betsy is in the University and I am in the final year of my high school. We don't remember Dad; neither Betsy nor me and never really bothered to know who he was. Mom has raised us up. And she justifiably took pride in the fact that she was a successful single-parent who was a great mother and a very successful individual. She understood what we needed, and was there always when we needed her. We grew up in a small world of ours. We never learnt to have inhibitions, hypocrisy or secrets. The only relative we knew to exist is our uncle Harry, Mom's younger brother who visits us quite frequently. He lives in a nearby town, and comes over to our place almost every weekend to help mom in her business. He loves us a lot, and brings us gifts, takes us out and really looks after us well. My mom is thirty-eight years old, Betsy is nineteen and I am seventeen.

Three of us are very friendly and frank with one another and we share almost everything that happens to us. Betsy helps me in my studies. Mom, despite her busy schedule, takes enough care of both of us, and keeps the house well. She is a perfectionist and a very understanding mother. We move about the house in our undergarments or see-through clothes, swim in our swimming pool almost nude (My mom and sis have a penchant for sexy lingerie), but there was nothing sexual about it. To us, nudity was as natural as ourselves; and being very closeknit, we have accepted one another in such ways right from the beginning. Even when Uncle Harry (who was the only visitor we had at home) was around, we would be in the same clothes. Mom wears very skimpy leather bra and G-strings and Judy liked those frilly lace undergarments, and the nighties they wear over those were always transparent.

It was a Friday, and Betsy and myself went to watch a baseball match. But it was washed out because of unexpected rain. We rushed home before it became stormy. We were sopping wet when we reached home. As we reached the front door, I took off my slacks and shirt (I had my underwear) so that the dripping water does not soak the carpet. So did my sister, she took off her jeans and shirt. We hung our dresses at the umbrella hanger to let it dry and opened the door and entered to our respective rooms. I dried myself up with a towel, wore my bath robe and came to the living room. In a few minutes Betsy joined me wearing her nightie and snuggled near me on the settee.

We could hear some noise coming from my Mom's room, and the sound was quite sexual. We looked at each other hearing the squeals and moans. We never knew our Mom had any boyfriend, at least we never met one although had she had one, it would not have been unnatural. She looks much younger than her age, and most times my friends mistake her to be my sister. And she was single which gave her every right to have a boyfriend. Betsy looked at me and said, "Wait here, let me see." And went to the door and peeped through the key-hole. In a second she was back with a very puzzled look on her face. She was panting for breath.

"What happened, what did you see?" I inquired.

"Oh no!! it cannot be true!" she exclaimed. "See it for yourself."

I went up, and was frozen in shock with the sight inside my mom's bedroom. She was lying nude on her bed with her legs lifted and spread and Uncle Harry was between her legs with his big cock inside her pussy. He was humping her good and my mom was responding by meeting his thrusts with her own. He was squeezing her big breasts and she locked him with her long legs. I was shocked beyond comprehension, and came back to the settee. I looked at Betsy, and neither of us spoke a word. The pitch of their squeals and moans was increasing and the bed-springs were screeching too. After a while Betsy went up again to the key-hole. This time she was there for a long time, and then she came back and sat opposite me.

"It is understandable Mom has her sexual needs and if she sleeps with someone there is nothing wrong. But I know you are as much perturbed as I am to know that she is sleeping with her brother. But let us not forget that she is a wonderful mom who has taken enough trouble to bring us up. We should not bother her about this, and we should pretend as if we know nothing. Let us get back to our rooms and pretend we have not seen them, or we are not aware of anything." Betsy spoke very maturely.

"I think you are right." I replied," She has her own choice and we need not bother her at all."

This was the first time I saw someone having sex - live. I went to the key-hole and peeped again. This time they had changed their positions. They were in a sixty-nine. Uncle Harry's head was between Mom's thighs and Mom was sucking on his dick and bobbing her head up and down playing with his balls. The sight might have been distressing and disturbing, but my cock responded to it differently and stood up seeing all those actions. When I came back to the settee, my cock was forming a tent in my robe. Betsy looked at me, and her eyes traveled down to my crotch. Embarrassed, she took her eyes off and again went to the watch the action. When she came back, I could see her nipples were erect, trying to push through her nightie. She had only a pair of panties underneath which were silky and as transparent as her nightie.

"They are sucking each other", she said.

"Yeah, in a sixty-nine", I replied.

"Have you ever done that Betsy? I mean are you a ..." I asked innocently.

Betsy gave me a stern look. But in a moment, it changed and she smiled, "No, have never done it. I am still a virgin and I guess you are same too," she replied.

"Yes. But I do jerk off once a while." I sort of confessed a great guilt.

"So do I," she said," and have done a bit of petting with some of the guys at school." We were sharing our sexual experiences.

"How do you do it, I mean jerk off?" I asked her. "Do you use a dildo or something?"

She laughed and said," Oh no, I don't have to use that to jack off. I just rub my clit and put in a finger there. Of course when somebody else does it to me, it is easier to come."

"Has anyone done it to you?" I questioned her.

"Yeah, when I go out on dates, most times I had to jack off the guy, and he returns the favor by caressing me there and jacking me off. Once, a guy ate me and then forced me to suck him".

"Just like Mom and Uncle Harry are doing it?" I asked.

"No, not in a sixty-nine, you cannot do it in the backseat of a car or in a theater."

This discussion made me really hot, and I guessed it was a similar situation with Betsy too. "Can we jerk off each other Betsy? Yes, just jerk off?" I asked nervously.

She looked at me for a moment in silence and then replied, "Maybe we can, but we should not go beyond jerking off each other."

She glanced at my dick which was bone-hard in expectation of some wonderful action. I inspected her gorgeous body, for the first time I was appreciating how sexually desirable she was. Her baby-doll nightie was almost transparent. I have seen her countless times in that attire, but for the first time she was a subject of my lust. Her panties were big enough only to cover that love triangle between her thighs, the back of it was too brief and left most of her ass-cheeks bare. The nightie was quite short, and reached the level of her crotch. Whenever she raised her hands or moved, her nightie rode up and revealed the crotch of her panties which were transparent enough to let me see the dark patch inside. I also saw a wet patch on this, which signified she was as excited as I was. Her tits were firm and conical, and moved as she walked as she did not wear a bra.

"You are very beautiful Betsy," I whispered as I wrapped my arm around her shoulder.

"Not here, let us go to your room." she said with an urgency in her voice.

We climbed the stairs and ran unto my room. As we entered, I locked the door. I led her to my bed and we lied down side by side. She blushed like a newly wed bride. I put my hand in her panties and caressed her bulging mount. I ran my fingers through the silky forest of her pubic hair. Her slit was wet and I rubbed my fingers on her labia. My fingers traversed her slit and spotted her clit and with my thumb and index finger, I caught it and gave a soft squeeze. Her hand has already gone to my dick, and she was moving her hand up and down slowly. There was a droplet of pre-cum crowning the head of my shaft and she spread it on the bulbous head of my cock. She milked it a few times and went on jerking it.

She spread her legs apart to let me get an easy access to her cunt. I caught her mount with my palm and then rubbed my middle finger on the slit. It was getting real soppy wet. I introduced one finger into her lovecave, but did not put it fully inside realizing she was a virgin, and her cherry was still intact. She went on shagging me, I was almost there.

"Will you let me kiss you there Betsy?" I asked in excitement.

"I thought you would never ask! Go ahead and be my guest." She panted.

"Do we try a sixty-nine?" I asked her earnestly.

"Why not?" she responded positively.

"You come on top of me." I suggested, "Why don't you take off your nightie?"

She removed it off over hear head and asked naughtily with her hand pulling the waist-band of her panties, "What do I do with this, want me to have it on?"

I sat up, took off my robe, and pushed her down. I caught the waist band of her panties with my teeth and started pulling it down. She raised her hips as the panties slipped out of her crotch down her smooth thighs and legs. I brushed my mouth on her cunt while doing so. She finally got rid of her panties and both of us were completely nude sitting on the bed. I lied down on the bed and pulled her on top of me catching her around her waist and pulling her bottoms to my face. She cooperated and planted her knees on either side of my face and descended her labia to my eagerly waiting mouth. It was at the same time we took each other's genitals in our mouths.

I licked along the length of her slit and then flicked my tongue on her clit. I sucked on it hard and then pushed my tongue into her vagina. It did not take long for her to shudder into convulsions signaling her climax. She was lightly biting on my dick and sucking on its head. Simultaneously she was jerking it holding it at its base. I was caressing her breasts through her armpits.

She might have been a virgin, but her mouth was quite good at the job she was performing, and took me to seventh heaven as I came in the finest climax I ever had. I went on sucking and licking her clit and massaging her breasts and buttocks and she came again.

We stretched ourselves on the bed, and then she suddenly got up. "Mom and Uncle Harry may be up by now. We should get back to our rooms before they catch us." She continued, "Of course it won't matter much if they catch us!!"

My cock was hard again. She looked at it lovingly, "This little Johnie is so sweet." She said as she again bent down to kiss it. "That was the best orgasm I had ever." I thanked her.

"So was it for me too", she replied.

"Can we make love Betsy?" I asked her looking into her beautiful blue eyes. "You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and I want you to make love to me Betsy."

"That may not be a good idea, it may lead to problems." She resisted.

"But if Mom and Uncle Harry can do it, why can't we?' I asked.

"We know what they are doing is not right, and we should not emulate a mistake." She said but her statement was not very confirmatory or forceful. "This may cause problems when we find our respective partners in future psychologically."

"Why should it?" I inquired, almost determined that we can have a physical relationship and I could find nothing wrong in it. "Rather we could learn from each other and need not look around for it outside. You know AIDS is killing so many people."

"I guess you are right, but still, I am not very sure if we should." Her voice trailed off.

I went close to her and held her tight, embracing her nude body in mine. She literally melted in me. And I knew nothing could stop us any further when I found her arms encircling me and hugging me. My mouth found its way to her red lips and the first kiss was just a peck which was followed by a soul-searching passionate and deep kiss with my tongue exploring her mouth and her tongue, exploring mine. I left her lips and kissed her earlobes, neck and armpit, which tickled her a lot. As she started shivering in spasms, my mouth went to her sensitive nipples. I kissed, licked and sucked one while my hand fondled and pressed the other. My other hand meanwhile was playing with her pussy, pulling her pubic hair lightly, and rubbing her clit.

We collapsed on the bed. I placed a pillow under her pelvis. I proceeded to eat her a bit to make her ready to receive my shaft. Once she was excited, and wet with her juice and my saliva, I knelt between her legs positioning my dick at the entrance of her gateway. "Take me in Betsy", I pleaded.

She took my rigid member in her hand and placed it at the opening of her pussy. "Go slow", she whispered.

I pushed slowly as the tip of my dick went in. It encountered the resisting cherry, and I stopped for a moment. I bent down to embrace her before starting the onslaught. I kissed her on her lips and then, lo, gave a mighty push.

"Aahhh... mmmmm" her cries got muffled in my mouth as my lips sealed her in a deep kiss. She caught me tight and held me close to her. I stayed in that position still for some time to let the pain subside. After a brief pause, I started pumping in slowly and saw her beautiful eyes welled up with tears. I kissed her on her eye-lids, wiped her tears, and again kissed her, "I love you Betsy... I love you so much.."

"I love you too" she said, and now she was reciprocating my thrusts by lifting her pelvis. In no time we got on to a nice rhythm, and started fucking with deep strokes. With every thrust my dick went fully inside and then I came out partially only to enter fully once again. She clutched my waist with her legs and was pushing her pelvis hard every time I pushed myself deep inside her.

"Yes... harder... keep on doing it... deeper... that is it... fuck me... fuck your sis like Mom is fucking her brother... harder... yes... hold my tits, lick them... suck my nipples... faster... keep on doing it..." she started moaning in pleasure.

"Take me in you sis... take me in fully... feel me inside you... I am there... deep within you... How tight your cunt feels, it feels so good... oh... aahh... yes... lift your ass... hold my balls... squeeze them... I am going to come..." I panted as my cock was about to release jism in my sister's pussy.

"Give me your sperm... flood my pussy with your hot cum... fill in your sister's pussy... yes... give it to me... I want to have your dick in me always... that dick is meant only for me... give me its contents..." She was saying between her moans and a wave of convulsions took over her as she started to give jerks from below. She clamped me harder with her legs like a vice and her tight pussy was squeezing out every drop of cum from my dick as it started to ejaculate hot jism in spurts filling her quim.

Exhausted, we lied down on the bed, with me still on top of hers and my semi-hard cock still in her pussy.

Loving caress and mutual petting made us ready for yet another round, and this time it was even more pleasurable than the last one, and it lasted longer as an explosive orgasm raked each of us.

We cleaned up each other, put on our clothes and got back to the living room. The storm was still continuing. Uncle Harry and Mom were sitting on the sofa and sipping coffee.
"Where were you," Mom inquired, "And when did you get back? I was worried you would be caught up in the storm." I looked at my mom, but she behaved as if nothing has happened. She was dressed in a similar baby-doll nightie as Betsy, but she had her bra and panties on. Of course this was quite an usual sight at home, but I was for the first time looking at mother as an individual. She was quite voluptuous with large breasts which filled in her 38DD bra-cups well. She had a very shapely arse which was clearly visible through her transparent pink nightie. Her G-string was too small to cover anything. Her black leather bra and G-string were making her look incredibly sexy. Her great arse was almost uncovered as the g-string went inside the crack of her arse. Her arse was much bigger that that of Betsy, and more shapely. And was I getting a hard-on seeing her? Her cleavage was visible through her low neck-line and the small triangle of her G-string covered her pussy. Uncle Harry pretended to be oblivious to all these, and was busy with his coffee mug.

"The game was washed out and we returned an hour back. We were playing computer games in my room." I replied without giving any hint what we did or saw!!

We wished Uncle Harry and all of us sat down for dinner. Mom was behaving very normally which meant she did not suspect we saw them, nor did she suspect anything taking place between Betsy and me.

After dinner was over, I winked at Betsy and whispered into her ears that I shall steal into her room when Mom and Uncle Harry are asleep. Uncle Harry retired to the guest-room, and I knew he would be soon joining Mom in her bed-room once our doors shut. I wished every one good night and went to my room. After waiting for an hour restlessly tossing up on bed I came down. Betsy's room was in the first floor. As I stepped down the stairs, I heard the same sound coming from Mom's room.

I peeped in, as expected!! My mom was on all fours and Uncle Harry was giving it from the back. I looked at it carefully, and saw his dick was in her asshole and he was reaching for her huge breasts hanging down with their heavy weights through her armpits. He was moving gingerly in and out of her ass hole, and at times leaving her tits to finger her cunt. I went to Betsy's room and entered as the door was open. She was absolutely nude expecting me.

"Come on, I shall show you something", I whispered in a low voice.

"What is it? Must be the same thing - Mom and Uncle Harry..."she did not evince much interest.

"Yep, but he is fucking her asshole and Mom is going ga-ga over it", I replied as I was disclosing a great discovery.

She came with me and peeped through the key-hole. The sound coming from their room was quite loud now.

I planted my ears on the door to hear what they were talking. But other than their moans I could not hear anything.

"If Johnie and Betsy come to know about it they will be mentally troubled and disturbed. I don't want to let them know this", our mom said.

Uncle harry was still pumping his dick in my mom's asshole as he replied, "But one day they will come to know it, how long can you keep it a secret? Moreover, they are grown up now and they must be fooling around in their schools, or elsewhere." Uncle harry replied.

"That is okay as long as they don't catch AIDS or Betsy does not get pregnant. Betsy is a matured girl now and she can do whatever she likes. Johnie is growing up as a fine young man and he too can indulge in whatever he likes." Mom replied.

"Do you think they are balling each other?" Uncle Harry asked Mom.

"I don't think so. They are just like normal siblings and I am sure there is nothing sexual between them." My mom spoke.

"But then that is abnormal for them. Don't forget they are the products of love between brother and sister." Uncle Harry said as his speed accelerated.

"Yeah!! I will not be surprised if they do it together too, as their parents are brother-fucker and sister-fucker. And their biological father is no one but the younger brother of their mom." My mom added on.

That statement shocked us the most. We looked at each other and together uttered the same words, "Oh no!! How can it be!!"

We went back to Betsy's room. We were no doubt disturbed to learn that we are the products of incestuous relationship between Mom and her brother, and no wonder we never knew who was our father. But this knowledge further strengthened our conviction that what is going on between Betsy and me is absolutely right. Betsy's beautiful eyes were looking intently at me, and I responded by planting a kiss on her forehead. In no time, we were kissing with gay abandon, and very soon we were in a sixty-nine devouring each other.

"Can we do what Mom and uncle Harry did?" I asked Betsy.

"That is going to hurt. Your dick is too big, and my asshole is too small. She protested.

"Just try it once, and if it hurts, I shall stop it." I convinced her and made her kneel on her hands and legs with her beautiful ass-cheeks jutted upwards. I did not know what came over me, but I started eating her asshole, and licked it wet. As I sucked her asshole, and fingered her receptive pussy, she came once. When she was in the throes of her orgasms, I positioned myself at her puckered nether hole and started pushing my dick. My saliva had made it slick already and the tip of my dick was already in. She clenched her jaws as I pushed myself in, but my fingering her clit eased her pain a bit. And with her cooperation and my force, I was buried inside her hot and tight asshole. I rammed her for sometime, and the tight hole gave me enough friction making me release my hot cum in her rectum soon.

I again went about eating her as she licked me up to another erection. This time it was a long bout of love-making we entered into.

In the wee hours of the morning, I came back to my room.

We have still kept it a secret from Mom and Uncle Harry although we know it very well they will never object, rather encourage us in this. But for some reason, we feel, our love-making is more exciting because we do it secretly.

This has been continuing for a year. Betsy is on the pills. We no more date any one. Mom is at times curious why we don't go out much, but she respects our privacy as much we respect hers. We have remained faithful to each other, and plan to remain so all through our lives. Like our Mom, we may have babies when we are settled with jobs.

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