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A Fantasy Come True!

Ever since he could remember, Carl had been attracted to his Aunt Irene. Irene was an attractive woman, large breasts that fit her big frame to a tee. It was her large breasts that first got him excited when he was 12-years old. Of course, he knew what a hard-on was just from the talk around the schoolyard. Funny how last year they always talked about sports, now though, every one seemed to be interested in Jenny's ever growing tits and how Mike had actually touched then and claimed he got her to touch his prick. No one really believed Mike, although suddenly they all started dreaming about what Jenny's tits looked like.

Carl didn't think Jenny's were that great. Not after having been crushed against his Aunt huge ones and feeling those dart piercing nipples against his chest. He had done something for her and she just gave his this great big hug as a thank you. A hug that for the first time, gave him the funniest sensation between his legs. After the hug, he virtually ran to his room to inspect himself. He striped his shorts off and was amazed at the thing between his legs. He had never seen it so hard before. Oh sure, he thought it got hard on a few occasions at night, but he was never quite sure if he were dreaming or if it was actually hard. Well he could see it now.

He stood before his mirror in wonder as his cock stood straight up, pointing at his chin. Wow, he thought to himself, I'm finally becoming a man. He sat down on his bed and started to think about his Aunt's tits. He wondered what they looked like and how they felt. He wondered if his Aunt would ever let him touch them or better yet, teach him the sexual ropes? However, he didn't dare ask. While he was wondering, his hand went down and started to stoke his cock-head. The first stroke sent shock waves through his body. It felt so good; he stroked it again, then again. Not knowing what a real tit looked like, his mind sent flashes of him kissing his Aunt to his daydreaming state. Pictures of his lips on hers flashed over and over again against his closed eyelids. Meanwhile, his hand stroked his cock with a vengeance. Suddenly, a new feeling started rising in his loins. He could feel in coming, moving up through his cock shaft. He tried to hold it back but there was no stopping the onslaught on his first cum. Out it came, the most powerful sensation he had ever felt. There wasn't much cum, but the feeling of it shooting out his cock was the most sensational thing that had ever had happened to him.

From that point on, Carl did everything he could to catch a glimpse of his Aunt's body. The more he learned about sex from magazines and girls his own age, the more he fantasized about his Aunt. He masturbated constantly over her body, thinking about her lips on his cock and how he'd fuck her senseless if he ever got the chance. Even today, at age 25, when his Aunt was pushing 50, he wanted her-wanted her more than ever!

Carl was so into wanting his Aunt that he often dated older women, imagining it was his lovely Aunt Arlene as he fucked them over and over. He never told any of the women he dated about his fantasy, thinking they would believe he was a whack-job or something. However, there was this one woman named Terry, that he met at work that he found he could tell anything too. They often talked for hours about their respective sexual fantasies and hang-ups. During one of these conversations, Terry mentioned how much she had wanted to fuck her brother over the years and had finally done it for the first time last summer when he was 51 and she was 49. Terry had grown up fooling around with him, jerking him off and even sucking his cock when he needed it, but her brother had drawn the line at actually putting his cock in her always-wet cunt.

Hearing this made Carl spill his guts about his always wanting to fuck his Aunt. He told Terry in great detail of the many and varied ways he had masturbated to his Aunt vision. He even admitted to stealing her sexy black underwear and jerking off with them, rubbing them over his cock time and time again. Once he had even seen her in her bra and panties as he spied though her bathroom keyhole. That sight alone kept his cock hard for many a week.

Terry felt sorry for Carl. It was a shame he didn't even get to see his Aunt's breasts or pussy. She tried to get Carl to tell his Aunt how hot she made him, but knowing she'd been married to the same man for 25-years kind of made him believe she'd never go for anyone else, especially not her own nephew.

Being a hot horny woman, Terry knew better. After 25-years of the same cock fucking her, maybe Arlene needed some young stuff. Terry knew many older women, including her, that like fucking a young hard cock that never seemed to get soft. Even though she wasn't fucking Carl at the time, she wanted to. She knew how much Carl needed to have an anal fuck and her ass ached at the thought of his cock up her butt. In fact, she was going to try and seduce him when he opened up to her about his Aunt. As much as Terry wanted Carl's cock in her ass, she wanted Carl to think of her ass and not his Aunt's while he was fucking it. So Terry hatched another plan.

Terry worked an invitation to a pool party that Arlene was giving. Terry would go as Carl's date. At the party, Terry instantly liked Arlene. She knew why Carl lusted after this woman for so long. She had a lot of fine qualities and her beautiful firm breasts, were just two of many.

Carl was really suffering. Arlene had chosen a tight fitting black bikini to show off with. Her cleavage alone had given poor Carl a raging hard-on. The sight of her blonde hair against her black top really gave her an erotic look-a look that stirred Terry's pussy. Terry began to wonder herself how Arlene's pussy juice would taste in her mouth. In fact, Terry had to jump in the water to cool herself off and to hide the enormous wet spot in her crotch. The water didn't work well enough so Terry excused herself and went to hunt for the bathroom.

The one downstairs was occupied, so she made her way to the one on the second floor. Having a two piece on, Terry had to remove her entire suit if she wanted to pee. However, peeing isn't want Terry wanted. Terry's pussy was raging and needed release. It needed to be fucked but since that didn't seem likely at the moment, she took the opportunity to satisfy her sexual cravings with her fingers.

Terry pulled the bottom of her suit aside enough to expose her clit and get her fingers deep into her hot cunt. She squeezed her clit between her forefingers of her left hand, while she used three fingers of her right hand to finger fuck herself to orgasm. She was sitting on the counter top near the sink with one leg draped over the top and the other dangling down to the floor. She looked in the mirror at her fingers moving in and out of her pussy. Terry was lost in a world of her own as she waited for her powerful orgasm to overwhelm her.

While Terry was busy fucking herself senseless, Carl couldn't stand being around his Aunt any longer. He could no more control its hardness that he could his beating heart. He knew if he kept looking at Arlene he would cum in his suit even if he didn't touch himself. Carl drifted off to the house. He figured he could find another pair of his Aunt's panties and jerk off a few times to release his built up spunk. Maybe then, he could stand seeing his hot Aunt again. He made his way to his Aunt's bedroom located near the stairway leading to the second floor.

Arlene loved making her nephew squirm with lust for her. She had planned this party just as an excuse to tease him with her new bikini. Arlene knew she could never fuck him, that would be incest even if they were now both adults. Arlene had always had deep feelings for Carl since he was very young. When she discovered how much Carl began to lust over her, she could hardly keep thoughts of his hard cock sliding in and out of her hot pussy out of her head. Oh, she pretended not to show any outward lust towards him, but deep inside the very sight of him made her pussy ache with desire. At first she was able to quench her desire for him by focusing on her husband. In fact, the very first time she ever sucked her husband's cock was a direct result of a dream she had of sucking Carl's. She certainly had surprised her husband that morning!

To be sure, her husband wasn't much of a lover. He liked being on top and little else. However, he added cock sucking to his repertoire after that morning often asking Arlene to suck it before he left for work. Arlene love sucking his cock because she could easily pretend it was Carl's. So engrossed with her fantasy when sucking his cock, that she had to watch herself as she twice had called her husband's cock "Big Carl" as she sucked on it. It was a good thing she had a mouthful of cock when she said it or her husband would have surely understood what she said.

As years pass, her husband fucked her less and less and even her morning cock sucking dwindled to once a week. These days she found herself lusting more and more for her now 25-year old stud of a nephew. To quell her urges, she had bought herself a rather large dildo and masturbated with it, pretending it was "Big Carl" almost daily. She kept the dildo right under her lacy, black thong panties-the kind she always wore when masturbating for Carl.

Arlene was getting horny. She had been spying on Carl with every chance she got. Carl seemed to be always looking at her breasts or staring at her crotch. She could see the bulge in his pants despite Carl's efforts to hide it. It looked hot and delicious and she couldn't wait to get her "Big Carl" in her pussy while the thought of his lust for her was still very fresh in her mind. She wished she had the guts to walk up to him and offer her hot pussy to him. How she longed to reach down and free his cock and jam it in her mouth. If only she could taste his hot cum in her mouth, all would be right with the world.

Arlene began to walk around the pool hoping she could come up from behind where Carl was sitting. She wanted a good look at his hardness before she when in to her bedroom to relieve her lust. She had now managed to get close to Carl's chair when a guest stopped to chat with her. Always the proper host, she chatted away with her guest while trying to find a proper opening to move on-to spin and view Carl's hard bulge.

Finally the opening came. She spun but Carl was gone. A quick look around the backyard proved fruitless. Carl must have gone into the house to get some food or drink. Arlene made her way into the kitchen but didn't find anyone there. It was such a pretty day; everyone was out doors enjoying the sunshine. Perhaps Carl had to tinkle? Or maybe his lust for her was so great; he had to jerk off? That thought really spurred her on. What if she could actually see Carl jerking off? To finally see his luscious cock? Would she be able to control herself or would she run to it and take it in her mouth? Afraid that she would, she went to look anyway. The downstairs was clearly devoid of anyone so Arlene started to climb the stairs to the upstairs bedrooms as quietly as possible.

As Arlene neared the top of the stairs, she heard a slight sound coming from the upstairs bathroom. Well, well, I bet that was where Carl was she thought to herself. Arlene slowed to a near crawl as she approached the bathroom. She so desperately wanted to see even the smallest glimpse of Carl's cock; she'd do about anything at this point to make it happen. She was almost to the point of just opening the door and walking in and just taking it. She knew Carl wanted it as much as she did. She decided, now was the time. She was going to fuck Carl.

Yet, the sound coming from the bathroom didn't sound like Carl's-she knew that voice anywhere and that wasn't it. If not Carl, who? Maybe Carl was taking his lust out on someone else? That woman Terry he brought with him? No, she was almost old enough to be his mother. "Shit," Arlene thought, so was I? She couldn't begrudge Carl needing to fuck Terry-Terry was hot! She saw the attraction. However, deep down Arlene was jealous of any woman who wanted to steal her dream lover from her. Now driven by the need to discover her rival, she inched up to the bathroom door-it wasn't locked. Hell, it wasn't even closed. Instantly she was thankful that her husband had forgotten to fix the latch-the door hadn't closed properly in weeks.

Arlene looked through the crack in the door and gazed at the mirror hung against the far wall. She could clearly see the reflection of a woman in the mirror. Arlene took a deep breath and put a hand over her mouth to keep from crying out. Arlene could see that it was Terry sitting on the counter with her two hands feverishly working on her cunt. It looked like one was manipulating her clit while the other was being used to finger fuck herself. Arlene's own cunt immediately started to want the same action. This hot erotic sight made her own hand shot down between her thighs and start rubbing her clit. She was on fire in no time. She needed to cum as much as Terry did, and both were working extremely hard at doing it.

Carl knew just where to look for his Aunt's panties. He didn't have much time. He figured he'd grab one and head upstairs to the bathroom and masturbate with them as he normally did with the pair he'd stolen before. As he opened the draw and removed Arlene's black thong he noticed "Big Carl" and picked it up for inspection. His mind began to wonder what fun his Aunt was having with this toy. If only she wanted his toy, he thought. It was almost as big and came fully loaded with lots of heavy white juice. Besides, his had other attachments not included with her toy. Attachments like a warm hard tongue, fingers for nipple manipulation, lips for kissing and clit sucking as well as others fun stuff.

About the time Carl was wondering about his Aunt's toy, his Aunt had reached the top of the stairs. Despite his wonderment, Carl needed relief from his stiff aching cock. In fact, he had already started to rub it as he handled Arlene's dildo. Suddenly, he thought he heard something or someone on the stairs. He quickly put the toy back and stuffed the panties down his bathing suit. He then made a beeline for the door and poking his head out looked up the stairs. He couldn't believe his eyes. There was the lust of his life standing up and looking into the bathroom, oblivious to the world around her. Her bikini bottoms had been lowered and she was feverishly finger fucking her cunt. This scene memorized Carl. Not only was he finally seeing a small glimpse of his Aunt's pussy, he was actually seeing it being fucked!

Carl was now dreaming about Arlene's fingers being his cock as his own hand lowered his suit, wrapped the panties around his cock and began jerking off to the same rhythm as his Aunt's hand. Arlene had her eyes closed, pretending Carl was fucking her and not her own fingers. Terry was now thinking about sucking on Arlene's hot pussy while Carl fucked his Aunt's ass from behind. All where thinking of hot thoughts of each other while they where all just mere steps away from actually making it happen. All three came at the very same time.

As Terry came, she opened her eyes and saw Arlene's reflection in the same mirror she was being watched in. Terry didn't panic as she could see Arlene was masturbating right along with her. Arlene could see Terry eyes looking at her but didn't care if she knew. She felt too good to care. Besides, she instantly knew Terry enjoyed being watched. Carl ducked back into his Aunt's bedroom as soon as he came. He didn't even bother to put his Aunt's panties back. He darted into the downstairs bathroom to clean up. When he got there he discovered there wasn't much to clean. He looked amazed! He surely felt like he came in buckets. He knew he felt at least three large ejaculets. Yet, if he had where were they? Then he remembers.

Too late! His aunt was already kneeling at the bottom of the stairs looking at the large pile of cum on the floor that Carl had sprayed onto the first step. Arlene didn't know Carl was peeking from below, or Terry from above as she bent over and gobbled up Carl's still warm cum. Arlene instantly knew whose cum it was and how it got there. She just had to have it. It might be her only chance of tasting Carl's cum and she wasn't going to let it slip by. She hastily scooped it up with her hand and brought it to her mouth. Arlene didn't eat it all though. She went into her bedroom and locked the door. She grabbed "Big Carl" out of her drawer and speared it with some of Carl's cum. Then she fucked herself with it. Arlene made herself cum three more times before her lust finally abetted.

Terry came down the stairs after watching Arlene suck up something from the carpet. She didn't know what it could have been but she certainly had an idea. When she got to the bottom step she noticed the slight wetness in the carpet. She tried to get some on her finger to taste it but their wasn't enough left to make a determination with. Therefore, she lowered herself and smelled it. Ah, no doubt about it-it was cum! Now the question was, whom did it belong to? Terry quickly put two and two together when she heard Arlene cry out from her bedroom, "fuck me Carl oh please fuck me."

Terry figured Carl was finally getting his fantasy fulfilled as she opened a can of soda in the kitchen. She was happy for him. Just then she heard another sound coming from the downstairs bathroom. She drifted over to take a look. It didn't take much of an effort to hear Carl's voice coming from inside. Surely, he was masturbating as he said, "oh Auntie, that's it, eat my cum. Be my Auntie slut and eat my hot cum, suck it down, eat it, eat it more!" At this instance, Terry knew more than ever that she had to get these two lust filled souls together. She left the house to the two masturbating souls inside. Then she jumped in the pool and laid out on the lounge chair after she had enough water. She started thinking about a plan.

Terry knew it wouldn't take much to get these two to rape each other. All she had to do was get them alone in a room and be the catalyst. She remembered Carl telling her of his three fantasies: fucking his Aunt; having a 3-way with his Aunt and another older woman; and fucking in his office at work. Terry wondered, "could she combine all three?" It certainly seemed more than possible, especially if she was willing to be the "other older lady." Terry wouldn't mind fucking Carl's always hard cock one bit. In fact, she'd thought about it quite often. Getting to suck on Arlene's pussy would be a sweet added bonus. In fact, she'd might have to just settle for Arlene's pussy. She figured when Carl got a whiff of his Aunt's pussy, he might forget she even had one. The more she thought about it, the better it sounded.

The next Monday at work, Terry began to check things out. Carl had a nice spacious office. He didn't have a couch but the desk and chairs would do fine. She could easily visualize Arlene's mouth on her pussy while Carl had Arlene draped over the chair while fucking her ass or pussy. Everyone pretty much left for lunch at noon. With the ability to lock Carl's office from the inside, and because his office was kind of hidden away, it would be easy to fuck each others brains out for an hour at least. All Terry had to figure out now, was how to get Arlene to Carl's office about a half-hour before lunchtime.

Terry got Arlene's number from Carl. She told him she wanted to personally thank her for the splendid party. Actually, this was true so it made it much more believable. When Terry called Arlene, she did go on and on about the wonderful time she had at her house. Arlene was kind of anticipating Terry to hit on her but was a little surprised and disappointed when she only invited her to small gathering at the office. It was going to be a surprise for Carl to present him with an award for the fine work he had done on one of the company's biggest accounts. Since Arlene was his favorite Aunt and good friend, Terry figured it would be extra special for Carl if she could make it. Of course, Arlene could not resist anything pertaining to Carl. Terry next ensured Carl's calendar was cleared for the following afternoon.

The next day Terry's cunt was wet all morning just from the anticipation. She had worn panties to work but removed them around 11 AM so she could fondle her pussy better as the clock ticked towards 11:30. She had also bought a brand new bra the night before, a half-cup one that showed almost her entire breasts once her blouse was removed. She also ensured that it unclipped in the front. As it neared 11:30, Terry went to the building entranced and waited for Arlene's arrival. As she strode in, Terry greeted her and strolled down to Carl's office, jabbering all the way. When they arrived, Terry ushered Arlene in and closed and locked the door behind her.

To be sure, Carl was more than surprised to see his favorite Aunt. He rushed up to greet her as he normally did, giving her the long extended hug that always got both of their lusty juices flowing. Terry could tell that it wasn't going to take much prodding for them to go at each other. However, how about her? Would they accept her into the mix-now that was the question?

"So what do I owe this pleasure to, Aunt Arlene?"

"It's rather my fault she's here Carl, I invited her. I thought maybe the three of us could do lunch and talk about certain incidents that happened at the party."

"I thought Carl was getting some award," Arlene exclaimed?

"He might. That will depend entirely on you my dear Arlene," Terry answered with a wink.

"What incidents could you possible be taking about Terry. I thought the party went very well," Carl said without conviction.

Now Terry had just about figured everything out. It wasn't all that difficult really. Arlene didn't have to figure all that much out-she had a pretty accurate picture in her mind what went on but she be damned before she ever brought it up. Carl only knew about himself and his Aunt. Since he was pretty sure he wasn't seen, he figured Terry must have been talking about Arlene. Hearing anything erotic about Arlene was OK with him. After all, didn't he jerk off four times yesterday alone just from the vision of her masturbating then eating his cum!

"Let me sum it up for you two," Terry started. "Arlene invites you to a party and springs this hot bikini on you to tease you and turn you on. Carl, you invite me hoping to make your Aunt jealous. As it turned out, we all got turned on! Carl and I were checking out your luscious tits all day Arlene. Carl tried to hide his hard-on but it didn't work much, especially with you teasing him all the time. I swear, why don't you two just get together and fuck each other's brains out.

But I digress. Anyway, I get horny dreaming about Arlene's hot body and repair to the upstairs bathroom to relieve my tension. While I'm there, Arlene starts watching me masturbate and joins in. After I cum, I notice Arlene watching me. She then cums and moves downstairs. At the bottom, she discovers Carl's cum on the floor and eats it up. Then Arlene goes into her bedroom and starts fucking herself silly with a dildo or something like it anyway. Next, Carl repairs to the downstairs bathroom where he starts beating his meat again over seeing his hot Aunt eat his cum. Now I think that pretty much sums it up."

Total silence filled the room. Carl and Arlene where speechless. After a few moments, Terry broke the silence.

"So Arlene, how many times did you cum after you licked up Carl's cum?"

"Three or four I think," Arlene said before she even realized what she had said.

Terry figured now was the time. She sauntered over to Carl and planted a big wet one on his lips. At the same time, she started rubbing Carl's cock-it was growing!

"Arlene, I bet you're just dying to suck on Carl's big cock. You know that's all he talks about with me. How much he wants you. Wants to fuck that tight pussy of yours. Tell her Carl. Tell her what you tell me. Tell her how you've masturbated over and over again as you've pictured your cock sliding in and out of her pussy."

As Carl tried to speak, Terry began unzipping Carl's fly. She reached in and let Carl's 8-inch tool spring loose. When Arlene saw Carl's cock, all her inhibitions where finally gone-she wanted that cock more than ever. She was going to be a willing participant, if only she could get off the chair. She wanted to move. She wanted to rush to his tool and take it in her mouth. She didn't have to pretend this time. It was hers to suck and fuck all she wanted.

As she sat there lost in her inner self, she could feel her mouth watering from his taste. She could feel his hot cum exploding into the back of her throat. Her pussy was on fire with lust for Carl's toy. She didn't have to pretend with "Big Carl" today. Today she could fuck the real Carl. Her ass puckered at the thought of Carl's shaft violating her anal canal. She had got it lose just for him with a small vibrator and now it was ready for his incestuous cock. All her orifices were ready so why couldn't she move.

Terry could she the lust in Arlene's eyes and body movements. Arlene had started fondling her breasts the minute Terry had released Carl's cock from its hiding place. Nevertheless, it was apparent Arlene innermost inhibitions about an incestuous affair with her nephew were still holding her back. She had to push Arlene over the edge.

"You like your Aunt's breasts Carl? Look at her playing with them, pretending she doesn't want this hard cock of yours."

As Terry spoke she began unbuttoning her blouse and pulling it out of her skirt. Shortly, she had it removed. She started manipulating her right nipple with her right hand. She lowered her half-cup enough so her right nipple was fully exposed to Arlene.

"You like this nipple Arlene? You want to suck it?

Arlene nodded her head in the affirmative. Terry left Carl's cock to dangle in the wind as she walk over to Arlene, grabbed the back of her head and brought Arlene's mouth down upon her nipple. Arlene eagerly started sucking. As she did, Terry unhooked her bra and let it open then fall to the floor. Arlene had total access to both Terry 35C breasts. She moved her mouth from one to the other while she manipulated her own breasts. Arlene had always wanted to be with another woman but she could never bring herself to act on it-old taboo's where had to break. She was now fully released from this first one. Arlene quit fondling herself and moved a hand up Terry's firm smooth legs. The feel of her hose made the journey to Terry's pussy that much more erotic. When she found Terry's uncovered fuck hole, she had to fight to keep her own hole from convulsing in orgasm. She didn't want to cum yet, it was too quick. She wants to enjoy this pussy before her.

"Suck my pussy Arlene, suck it hard. Tongue fuck me you hot bitch."

Of course, Arlene couldn't resist the invitation. Her fingers had already found Terry's clit and were rubbing it joyfully when she heard Terry's command. Needing to obey, she lifted Terry's skirt and aimed her tongue towards Terry's hot, dripping wet, cunt. The feel of Terry labia lips on her tongue sent Arlene over the edge. At the moment her own lips found Terry's clit, she shuddered to her first of many orgasms she would have this day. As Arlene came, Terry turned her head and motioned to Carl to come over and join the fray. If Arlene couldn't move to go to him, then Carl would have to move first.

One thing Terry had learned long ago-a hard cock has no taboos! Carl's cock was like radar guiding him over to his beloved Aunt. Carl removed his pants and underwear as he strolled over to where his Aunt's head was buried in Terry's cunt. Standing behind Arlene, Carl reached over and for the very first time placed his hands on his Aunt's big 36D tits. Carl almost started to cry he was so happy. However, his cock had no time for tears-it wanted to cum in those melons. Carl got Arlene's blouse undone easily with no objections from her. As he unhooked her bra and started rolling her nipples between his fingers, Arlene felt like she was going to cum again. She couldn't believe it was Carl's hands on her breasts. She had to look to ensure it wasn't a dream. She removed her head from Terry's pussy and looked-yes it was Carl's hands. He had his hands wrapped around her breasts and his fingers where pulling her nipples.

Terry ever the director, motion for Carl to move around to the side. Carl didn't want to ever let go of his Aunt's tits but knew some thing better might be on the horizon-he was right! Carl moved around to the side of Arlene and his cock was now as close to Arelene's face as it ever had been. Arlene couldn't believe her eyes. The cock of all her lust filled dreams was just inches away. All she had to do is reach out and touch it. God how she wanted that cock in her mouth.

"Arlene suck his cock. Take it and put it in your mouth. You know you want it. You need it so bad, you know you do! Carl put your cock in her mouth! That's it, move closer, now closer. Yes, that's it! Swallow that cock Arlene. Move that mouth up and down his shaft. Mouth fuck him, make him shoot his cum in your mouth!"

Terry's hot words broke down the last bit of inhibitions that Arlene might have had. Well that and the fact that Carl almost stuffed his cock in her mouth without Arlene's help. She couldn't refuse his needs any longer or her own. As Carl's cock entered her mouth she melted. She forgot about Terry's pussy and how good that had been. She forget about everything but pleasing her nephew. She wanted to please him in every way imaginable.

Arlene bobbed up and down on Carl's cock like it was the last one she was ever going to suck. Her hands explored his inner thighs, his balls, and every inch of his cock shaft. She couldn't wait to taste his warm fresh cum this time. Carl was about ready to give it to her. Just the sight of her mouth sliding back and forth on his cock was enough to put him over the edge. How many times had he imagined this scene in his head? Had many times had he spent his seed into the air instead of the mouth he so long for? It wasn't a dream anymore. He was going to give his seed to his Aunt. Moreover, his Aunt wanted it as much as he needed to give it to her.

"Aunt Arlene I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum in your mouth," Carl blurted out as his ass rocked back and fourth as his cock slide erotically in and out of Arlene's hot mouth.

It felt every bit as good as he had imagined. As he told Arlene he was about to cum, Arlene squeezed her lips tighter around his engorged cock and stoked his shaft and fondled his balls with her hands. Carl couldn't stand it anymore. He grunted and released a heavy load into his waiting Aunt's mouth. Arlene tried to keep it all in her mouth, but her husband never had this much and she wasn't use to the amount. It leaked out the side of her mouth and she caught it with her hands, bringing it to her breasts and rubbing his extra cum all over her nipples.

Arlene just couldn't stop sucking Carl's cock not that Carl wanted her too. On and on Arlene sucked keeping Carl's cock as hard as she could. Meanwhile, Terry had gotten herself off with a needed finger fuck. Watching Arlene and Carl finally fulfill their lustful desires for themselves hot gotten her hotter than Arlene's tongue had. Her cunt juice was all over her thighs. She needed Carl's cock but didn't want to steal it from the place it really needed to go-Arlene's cunt!

The clock was ticking. It was now 12:15 and Terry had only 45 minutes left to have Carl fuck his Aunt and somehow manage to get his cock in her pussy as well. Enough of this cock sucking, it was time for fucking!

"Carl fuck your slutty Aunt's cunt. Fuck it now Carl. Take your cock out of her mouth and stick it in that cunt you've wanted to fuck for so long. Do it Carl, fuck her now!"

Arlene removed her mouth from Carl's cock and moved over to his desk. She turned around removed her skirt and panties spread her legs, then her pussy lips and said, "come fuck me Carl. Fuck me like you've always wanted. I want your hard cock in me. Don't make me wait any longer Carl-I've waited too long already!"

Carl did as he was asked. He walked over to his Aunt and as he got close she reached for it and guided it up her cunt. After 13-years of wanting each other, they were finally fucking. Terry went over to the desk and joined the party. She got on the desk and lowered her cunt onto Arlene's waiting tongue.

"Is this what you've always wanted Carl. Fucking your Aunt and in your office at that," Terry said.

"And with another hot women to boot. All my fantasies have come true," Carl exclaimed!"

Arlene removed her tongue from Terry's pussy and replaced it with her fingers. She began talking to her nephew.

"Carl I want you to fuck me every day. My pussy and ass are yours anytime you want them. Promise me you'll fuck me all the time, promise me Carl or I'll just die."

Carl couldn't believe his ears-her proclamations where his thoughts exactly!

"Yes I'll fuck you every day," Carl responded. "Anytime you want my cock, I'll give it to you. I need your pussy Auntie, need your pussy so bad."

Arlene was ready to explode one more time. Her nephew's promise of constant fucking was all she needed to hear to get off one more time.

"I'm cumming Carl. You fucking hot stud, you're making me cum. Ram my cunt, yes that's it, oh yes, fuck yes, here it cums. AAAAhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!"

"Fuck her ass Carl before you cum," Terry exclaimed.

On hearing this Arlene exclaimed, "please fuck my ass Carl. Butt fuck your slutty Aunt's tight ass!"

Carl stopped fucking his Aunt's cunt and back away. Terry got off the top of the desk to sit on the edge of it. She leaned back and asked Arlene to eat her pussy. Arlene gladly obliged. Meanwhile Carl was taking his Aunt's pussy juice and smearing it onto and into her butt hole. Next, he took his cock head and started to work it into her anal canal as he watched his Aunt's tongue work its magic on Terry's cunt. Terry loved the feeling of Arlene's hot tongue and was totally lost in her own lustful thoughts.

Carl big 8-inch cock was more than Arlene's ass had ever taken. She had played with her ass quite often while dreaming of Carl's cock fucking it. She had purchased a small vibrator just for that purpose. However, the small vibrator was no match for Carl's big tool. Now Carl's big tool was stretching her butt hole wider than it had ever been stretched before. Somewhat painful at first, she began to enjoy the stuffed feeling it was giving her more and more. Knowing how much pleasure it was giving Carl was all she cared about anyway. If she got any pleasure out of it, well, that would be just gravy. Carl loved the tight sensation Arlene's ass was giving him. He must have found heaven here on earth knowing that Arlene wanted his cock every day. He just couldn't imagine actually fucking her as much as he needed to fuck her. Yet, here he was with his cock buried deep in her ass hole.

"I love your tight ass Auntie, I love fucking it."

"It's all yours baby, yours to fuck as much as you like. Give your hot Auntie your nice hot cum Carl. Fill my ass with your cum like you filled my mouth."

"You love my cum Auntie?"

"Oh yes, I had to fuck myself three times after I clean your sperm off my carpet-it made me so hot! But your hot fresh cum is so much better. I want to taste it every day. I want to feel it in my cunt and ass. Yes, yes I want your cum between my tits, I want it everywhere baby. Give me your cum now my love, give it too me!"

Carl reached back and slammed his cock deep into his Aunt's ass, cum exploding out his cock head as he did.

"Yes baby, that feels so good, oh yea, I needed it. Your cum is so good, so good."

Terry was in the mist of a powerful orgasm herself. The combination of Arlene's mouth and fingers had gotten her off good. Although she didn't get Carl cock up her pussy, she was well satisfied.

Carl desk was a mess. The clock was inching towards 1 PM and there wasn't any time left for more antics. As much as he loved fucking his Aunt, and wanted to again before the day was over, he couldn't let this opportunity slide by. He wanted Terry's cunt. He wanted to eat it and fuck it while he ate his Aunt's cunt.

"Terry, what say you and I take the afternoon off. We can go to my house and continue what we started. I haven't had your pussy yet and I'm dying to feel your cunt lips around my cock. That is unless my Aunt has any objections?"

"The only objection I would have is not being invited. You know Carl, I'm going to be fucking you until you can't take my pussy anymore. Terry deserves a good fucking for making that happen, don't you think? Also, I'm dying to have her eat my pussy!"

"Yes it's a great idea Carl. I want your cock and your mouth in my pussy and I'm dying to eat Arlene's pussy as well. Let's make our excuses and go."

So Carl, Terry and Arlene went off to satisfy their lustful needs, but hey, that's another story.

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