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Farm Girl, Part II

The rain fell steadily the rest of the night. I lay naked by my father as his deep breathing told me he was fast asleep. But a few hours ago he had taken my virginity away and it was obvious that he was able to curb his excitement better than I. But, who had more to be excited about than me? At my tender young age I had found a love I knew I was going to stay with, and I had been rewarded for all the years of hard work I had spent trying to be this man's- my father- daughter.

Off in the distance, far to the southwest, I could see the faint flashes of lightning lighting up the horizon. The flashes, casting a blue-white image on the sheer curtains, along with the "pitter-patter" of the rain, helped me feel that the last twenty-four hours were long over due.

"What do you want to do with your land?" my father had asked as I lay in his arms before he butted the Viceroy and fell asleep.

I had always wanted to raise horses; had always wanted one for myself, and now I could do better than that: Now I could have my own riding stable if I worked it right.

I had to giggle to myself at the thought. I knew someone who would be more than happy to jump at the opportunity I had hatched out the last hour. Cindy!

I closed my eyes, remembering how she had looked at me as I tried on the different clothes, especially the bras. Her eyes had more than molested me from the pointed nipples to the area they had blended into my chest. I had never thought about being excited by another female, but Cindy had the same strange "far away" look that I had seen in my father's eyes so many times, a look that meant he was at peace with himself for one of the rare moments.

I liked Cindy. Had liked her from the minute she had picked on my father. She had a smile that was forever beaming and, best of all, I knew she thought it was wild to think that I was going to model the skimpy outfits for my own father. . . What she didn't know was what was to happen after the modeling.

I tried to move to go to the bathroom, but my body ached as if I had bailed a hundred acres of hay. My thigh muscles refused to cooperate as I groaned and moaned my way from the bed and shuffled my pain-ridden body to the bathroom.

"You going to make it?" Dad asked, pulling the quilt down when I managed to return to the bed.

"Oh, sure," I taunted. "Your poor daughter is in mortal pain and you ask if I am okay? God, I didn't think it would feel like this."

He pulled me close to his naked body, apologizing for having hurt me. I could only snuggle even closer to him as his fingers stroked my hair a few minutes before he was fast asleep again, leaving me to watch the gathering storm, wondering if it could even compare to the storm raging in my head.

For the rest of the day I pretty much stayed in bed. My father did my chores and, for once, cooked the meals which were not all that bad. The only real thing I did was to contact Cindy at the store and arrange to meet her for lunch after school the next day.

Cindy was excited with the plans I had managed to come up with, interjecting her ideas as we gobbled down the hamburgers and French fries. She had some great ideas that seemed to fit right into what I had come up with. When I offered her the job, she sat in the booth with an open-mouthed stare of disbelief.

"You mean it?" she gasped, looking around the almost empty place.

"I am going to need help," I replied, my eyes dashing down to her breast and back up. "There is so much to do this winter, and I have school to go to... I simply need someone's help who knows what to do."

We sat and talked for over an hour. Giggling and hatching up wild plans of becoming a world famous riding stable. The more we talked the more I started enjoying her company and the more I wondered what my father would say.

"Come on back here," Cindy said when we got back to the store. "I want you to try something on."

In the dressing room she told me to try a bra on she had picked up on the way back but, when my sweater was off and I was standing there waiting for her to hand me the bra, she simply dropped the black bra to the floor and reach out to rest her hands over my breasts.

I was now the one standing in open-mouthed shock as she bent forwards and looked into my eyes before our lips touched. My mind shouted for me to stop but the only thing my body could do was kiss her back as deeply as she was kissing me.

"You sure you still want me working out there?" she smiled when she pulled away.

All I could do was nod my head that it was what I wanted as my eyes became glued on the twin mounds poking out from her blouse.

"Don't worry," she smiled, her fingertips touching the right side of my face. "I won't interfere with what you and your father have."

"Why do you say that?" I asked, my fingers now resting on the silky material hugging at her breast.

"So what. You get it on with your father. You know, I once wanted the same thing with my father, but I was afraid of it. Before I could build up the courage to make it real he was killed in a car wreck. I do envy you in many ways."

Pushing my bra up, Cindy bent over and slowly kissed both nipples before she smiled and said it was time to go. God, it was anything but time to go as my body ached for far more than a short kiss on the nipples.

"You think there is something wrong with me?" I asked s she pulled up to a red light. "You know, I am in love with my own father and now I find.... Ah, you know, find myself enjoying another girl's kiss. Am I sick?"

"Then we both are," she laughed lightly, looking at me for a moment before turning her attention back to the road.

"You know," I teased. "My father likes you."

"He's a nice guy; not bad looking either."

"What do you think he will do with the two of us?"

"What do you mean?"

"You think the three of us won't be together?"

"Right. I don't think it is a good thing for me to fool with the boss's father.... Ah, lover. Do you?"

"Think about what he just did for me. You think it mattered to him if I went to bed with him or not? For once I feel like a girl, not a boy. I like that and I want to explore all the things this girl has wondered about. If it happens, just remember, I am first."

"Sure thing."

Dinner went well. I was amazed at how dad handled himself. He had to know something was up and, by the look in his eyes, he was rather interested in what he might have thought was up. I must have missed something about him over the years, he was able to carry on a decent conversation with both of us as he moved about the kitchen to get us a good, home-cooked meal so we could sit and talk about my plans. Cindy kept looking from my father to me and smiling broadly. It wasn't hard to figure out what was on her mind.

For a couple hours after dinner, the three of us sat around the living room, us girls excitedly telling dad what we wanted to do. Dad sat and nodded his head, only a few times interjecting his ideas. It felt so odd to sit there, acting like a girl and not a rough-and-tumble, hard working Tom boy. I was, for once, a girl with girl attributes and, to my great surprise, my father seemed to welcome the change, not that the fact that he had very much discovered me as a woman the week end before.

"Well," my father said, getting up from the black leather recliner he sat in each evening before going to bed. "It's going to be a long day tomorrow. Want me to show Cindy the guest room?"

"No," I replied, my face blushing at what my mind hid. "We're going to go up and talk about our plans some more. I'll show her it later."

We weren't in my room five minutes before Cindy was pushing my T-shirt up over my head as she quickly picked back up where she left off in the dressing room. The light from the yard light created a soft glow when Cindy turned off the light on my bed stand, pulling her own blouse and bra off.

God, I wanted her so much when she got on the bed on her knees, perched on my left side as she slowly, tauntingly slowly, removed my bra and bent down and kissed each nipple as her fingers quickly had my pants undone.

Her touch felt so natural and gentle as her hand slipped under my panties, teasing me as a finger slipped up and down my aching slit. Then, as I took a deep breath, the finger slid deeper into me, playing its way up to my clit then, as I jerked onto the quilt back down to my love canal..

With lips playing from nipple to nipple, bringing them to their fullest, Cindy openly taunted me. I wanted her and the moment seemed to freeze as she quickened her lip's pace, now sucking a nipple deep into her mouth and playing over it with her tongue, her finger now bearing down on my swollen clit. I had to smile for a moment, she sure knew how to go about getting a raise.

"Oh, Goddd!" I moaned, lifting my hips off the bed as my mind swirled into a realm my father had just opened. A realm where I was a Goddess and lust was my companion. A realm where pleasure reined supreme. I was no longer the young girl as I moaned and begged her not to stop. I was lust, caught in a human body, awakened and ready to fulfill itself.

"You like it, don't ya?" Cindy whispered, as her breasts moved against mine.

I watched her as she got off the bed, went to the overnight bag laying on the floor. She pulled something out of it, turned and came back to the bed. My eyes were quickly affixed to her as she slowly, tantalizingly slipped out of her jeans and panties. Her skin seemed to glow in the light whispering into the room from the yard light. Her breasts, just like mine, stuck out proudly, twin nipples perched on the mounds of delight.

My body trembled as her fingers massaged my pussy deeply, m legs opening for even more of what she had to offer. I never before, not even as my fingers played over my clit, felt like this. Then it happened.

I felt something slide into me, opening my tight passageway as it enter. Deeper and deeper it moved until, if I closed my eyes, I could imagine it was my father entering me. Slowly, in and out, Cindy used the dildo to bring me to more than just a wild climax, she brought me to an utterly mind blowing orgasm that left me without an ounce of control.

"Oh, God!" I screamed, hearing Cindy giggle as she brought me off a second time. "Don't stop. More."

Stop she didn't. Harder and harder she used me to create me. I was wild with passion, howling like an animal each time she took me up the hill to the summit of my passions. My thigh muscles now ached from the strain of uncounted lusty orgasms. Yet she continued until I was left a whimpering, shivering young woman trying to regain a part of her mind that seemed to have run and hid from me. Thoughts came in from one side, but before I could think them they evaporated as another thought rushed in. I giggled, knowing that I was going to be walking rather oddly again in the morning.

Cindy, now on her knees, slid the dildo up into her. I watched in fascination as she tended to her needs. I was more than thankful she had not insisted I please her as my body and mind we not at a all capable of movement of that sorts. I was totally pleased and content at watching Cindy bringing herself to climax after climax until, with a loud gasping, she tilted her head back as her body accepted her actions.

I laid in her arms that night, her fingertips slowly rubbing against my cheeks. Again I felt safe and secure, just as I had with my own father but a few days earlier. I could feel her heart beating; could hear her soft breathing as she, like my father, treated me like something ever so special: A woman.

Dad had an evil grin on his face as he got breakfast together. I didn't know how upset he was to find Cindy in my bed that morning but, as always, he seemed to hide what he was thinking behind that stupid grin.

"Dad, are you upset?" I asked when we were at the table.

"Me?" he replied not looking up. "I was just impressed that you two got into your planning so much to make it a religious event."

"What are you talking about?" I growled, knowing he had set me up.

"Well, I figured it had to be something religious because all I heard last night was 'Oh, God, yes', or 'Oh, God, moreeeee'. I never took you to be all that religious."

"Ass hole," I grumbled. "You know what was going on."

"Yeah, how could I not? But it does piss me off a bit."


"Because I wasn't invited."

I put my arms against the edge of the table and stared at him. "I never knew how much I really didn't know you till last week. You are one perverted old man."

"Well, I kinda think all three of us are a bit perverted, I am just the only man here, and sure the hell not that old."

"Now, did you two come up with anything other than each other last night."

"We want to make a riding stable."

"I could hear that last night. What about the other farm."

It was no good, he picked on us every chance he got. I knew he had already accepted what we had decided on last night, now all there was left to do was put all the plans to paper, and Cindy was going to start that today while I was in school.

"How'd it go?" I asked Cindy when I got home from school.

"Not bad at all. Got a lot of things done, and your father helped me start putting a materials list together, project by project. You know, we can be quite cool."

"Did you two do it?"

"No. I wish. He said there was a lot of work he had to get done and that he needed your input on it. Damn, he sure has you on a pedestal."

I sat down in the office's easy chair, going over what she had came up with. It wasn't bad but, as we had talked about, we needed to spend a few days looking the farm over.

"I like it," I said, sitting the pile of papers back on the desk. "I like your idea about campsites back in the woods."

"Wasn't my idea, your father suggested it."

"You know, Cindy," I said, looking out the window, "I never knew him to be like this. It sorta scares me."

"I think you're the one who has changed, not him. He has a lot of respect for you."

"You know something, I really never thought of him as a man, not even when I used him as a fantasy. I mean, he was fingers and all that, but he just didn't have a. . . Ah, you know, a cock."

"Well, I am sure it didn't grow on him the last week or so. See, it is you that's changing, not him."

I shook my head as I thought about the last week. "God, I guess I am. Here I have had sex with my own father and bedded another female in a few days, and I only feel guilty because I don't feel guilty. Wonder what it'd feel like with both of you."

"God, you a nympho or what?"

"Maybe; maybe not. Only one way to find out," I giggled.

Cindy and I hurried to make a lavish feast for dinner, complete with champagne. Dad was more than happy when he sat down at the table to find far more than TV dinners.

By the time Cindy and dad had cleared the table I was giggling about everything. I had never had champagne and never realized what it could do to me. By the time the two of them sat down on the couch I was laughing at even the ceiling. I was more than a bit drunk and would now find out just how far my once quiet and stern father would go.

"You okay?" Cindy asked me.

"I feel great," I laughed, "want to feel how great?"

"Sure, why don't you two go get into something a bit more comfortable first," My father's voice seemed to echo tauntingly in my head.

"Why get into anything?" I replied, wobbling to my feet as I started to strip.

The two watched in silence as I managed to slowly take my clothes off. Cindy got up and closed the blinds as I swayed in front of them. Turning the lights down she giggled at how beautiful I looked.

"Am I the only one who is going to get nak-ed?" I stammered, taunting them with my idea of my father's evil grin.

"Why don't you show us what you want," Cindy said in a coaxing voice.

"I want to feel your fingers on me," I moaned, finding out that being drunk and shutting my eyes was not the way to go.


"Right here," I whispered as the fingers of my left hand found my slit and then my swollen clit.

"Show us," my father's voice said with an odd tone.

I don't know how long I stood there fingering myself till I came and started all over. I remember my moans, shrieks and taunts as I felt my cum running down the inside of my now trembling legs. Once I had started I couldn't stop and would have, if they had not intervened, most likely been standing there, doing myself, in the morning.

The next thing I knew, hands were guiding me to the floor and the plushness of a furry quilt caressed at my skin. Two sets of hands now explored my body. I closed my eyes trying to decide which set belonged to who, but my mind was now cast more into a lusty intoxication than from the alcohol, allowing me to dwell on nothing but the exploration of my body.

It seemed like hours as the two took turns with me. First his lips explored me, then hers. My clit was ravaged countless times as I withered and screamed on the floor. My mind returned to me slowly. They had finished me and left me to organize what could not be organized in a measure of minutes, maybe even hours.

Cindy was beside me on her back, her breasts sticking up proudly as I watched my father entering her. She moaned softly as I watched his body moving closer to hers then, as she spread her legs even wider, I knew he was fully into her. I watched the two in bewildered fascination, wondering why I didn't feel at all jealous of them. Then it dawned on me: I was very much in love with both of them.

Cindy's body was soon reaching up with each of his thrusts. Her head moved from side to side as she let go and let him own her body and universe. She, like me, moaned, groaned and begged for more of what was being done to her. She, like me, was finding that my father was in no hurry to end it by cuming in her. He set the pace to please her, listening to her gasp out her needs, as she became caught up in what I never had thought my father had done.

As my father came deep in her, Cindy's eyes got wide as his screams of passion bounced from wall to wall. He jerked and pounded hard at her as he sounded like he was having a heart attack more than deeply enjoying himself. With one final, violent thrust, he slammed into her, arched his head back as his body went rigid and let out a mournful, animal-like sound. A sound I had only heard from him one time before.

That night we slept in one bed. He was in the middle with us cuddled up to him, one on either side. It was at this moment I found the most exciting thing about sex with him, the talking afterwards. Never before had he opened up and told me about his life. Now, as Cindy and I grinned at each other, he was releasing the little boy deep in his heart that had been locked up for so many years. On that night, deep in the darkness of his room, I found out that he was much more than my father, he was more human than I had ever allowed him to be. Yes, Cindy was right, it wasn't him changing, it was me.

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