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Father and Daughter First Time

For a long time my wife had been ill, and at night to sleep, she would be pretty heavily sedated. I don't know how long it had been since we last had sex, but I know it ran into many months, if not a year.

My twelve-year-old daughter slept in a room opposite ours, and this night after going to bed, I had read for a little while. As usual, my wife had gone to sleep, but before turning out the light, I got up to go to the toilet. With only my bedside light on, when I entered the hallway, it was dark, but I saw light coming from under my daughter's door. Thinking that she had gone to sleep over a book, as she sometime did, I quietly opened her door. To my amazement, I found her wide awake, laying totally naked on top of her bed. As I opened the door, she hastily pulled her hands away from between her wide spread legs, and began trying to pull something over herself. Fear and terror were in her eyes as she looked at me, but I didn't want her to make a noise, because it just might wake her mother. I put my finger to my lips so as to indicate silence. I stood there in the doorway for some moments, looking down on the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. She was still a little girl with all the little girl features, but her breasts were just starting to swell, and her hips were beginning to flare. There was no sign of any hair on her beautiful young body. Within moments she had managed to pull the sheet up over her little hairless slit, but her legs were still exposed. I stepped in and stooping, gently patted and stroked her smooth young thigh above the knee, then whispered that I wouldn't say anything.

Next morning Leanne arrived at the table late for breakfast, and could hardly look me in the eye. I acted as normal as I could, but the thought of seeing Leanne's naked body on that bed made my cock go rock hard. It was very uncomfortable in my pants, and took a lot of effort on my part to get it to go even a little bit soft.

I kissed my wife good bye and set off for work. I'm not sure just when I decided not to go to work. Probably I never intended from the beginning. Anyway, I went as far as a phone box, two or three blocks away, and rang my place of employment, telling them that I wouldn't be in, because my wife had had a bad night. This wasn't uncommon. I then went back and waited for my daughter, just around the corner from home.

When she turned the corner and found me waiting, she went a ghastly white. I got out to meet her, and told her that I wasn't angry with her, but that I wanted her to get into the car with me, because I thought that we should have a talk. Quite innocently she did as she was told, but she was obviously very frightened. I drove some distance away from where her school was. Leanne never said a word, but she kept looking back towards where we should have been going.

I stopped on a more quiet street, and again told her that I wasn't angry with her, but that I wanted to talk and explain things to her, so she wouldn't be going to school. I said that she was not to worry, because I would clear it with the school, but she wasn't to tell her mother. This seemed to ease her fears a little, but still she never talked as I restarted the car, and drove out of town to a Motel. There, leaving my daughter outside in the car, I went in and booked myself in for a day. When I returned, I told Leanne that it wouldn't look good for her to be seen with me, and got her to hide under the window as I drove in to my unit. Once there, I got her out and inside quickly.

I drew the all the drapes and blinds, and turned the lights on. Leanne had sat down on a seat, so I sat down opposite her, and told her that I knew what she had been doing when I found her last night, and asked if she had done it often. No matter if she had or not, she wasn't going to admit it to me. I told her that what her actions had shown, was that she was reaching the stage in her life when she was wanting sex, and that I wanted to help her. Leanne's fears came back as she began to pick up that I might be going to do something to her.

She looked so beautiful sitting on that seat in her school uniform. The red jumper over a white shirt type blouse, and the pretty pleated red and green tartan skirt. Her long blond hair and pale complexion enhanced her childish beauty. I was quite nervous myself because of what I wanted to do, but my sexual appetite had been so starved, and the memory of seeing Leanne's young naked body so vivid in my mind, I knew nothing would stop me. I reached over with both hands and placed them on her knees. She offered no resistance until I started to spread her knees apart. Then she tried to prevent me, by trying to keep her knees closed together. But I was too strong for her tender years, and she was unable to prevent me. Instinctively she tried to pushed her shirt down between her legs with her hands, so I couldn't see, but I was getting more impatient. I was also becoming bolder.

"Take your hands away," I demanded, and when she didn't do it immediately, I spoke more sharply. "Do as I tell you or I'll have to spank you," and slowly she complied. My eyes were now fixed between her smooth young legs, but I couldn't see much, because her skirt was still blocking my view.

"Pull your skirt up," I firmly demanded, "so I can see your pants."

She was too slow, so I quickly slid my arm under her knees and lifted her up, exposing her beautiful pantied bum. I gave her bum one hard slap, making her yelp in pain, then I dropped her legs, and warned her that she would get more of that unless she complied more quickly with what I wanted.

"Quickly now!" I barked at her, "pull your skirt right up."

This time she did it with no further punishment required.

Again I spread her knees wide, and she did not resist. I felt her warm and wet cunt, through her panties. She offered no resistance, but a big tear trickled down her cheek. I slid my hand inside the leg of her knickers, and ran my hand over her bare cunt. More tears were flowing down her cheeks now, but I didn't care. I ran my middle finger up and down her beautiful hairless slit, and then inserted my finger a little way.

"I'm going to fuck you Leanne," I told her, and still her tears flowed and her sobbing increased.

"You want me to fuck you; don't you?" I insisted, and she gave a little nod that meant nothing.

"Say it!" I shouted. "Say you want me to fuck you."

When she didn't respond straight away, I quickly lifted her legs again, and gave her another stinging slap on her bum.

"Say it!" I cried, and in a whimper she said, "Yes daddy. Yes daddy. I want you to do it."

"Do what?" I insisted.

"Fuck me!" she sobbed.

"Say it all!" I demanded, and she said, "I want.. you... to.... f... f... fuck me daddy."

I made her stand up, and then started taking her clothes from her. Bit by bit I removed them, leaving her little girl's knickers for last. When I had her standing nude before me, I told her how beautiful she was, and that I really didn't want to hurt her, but that I just had to fuck her, and if she tried to stop me, I'd fuck her just the same.

Big tears were trickling down her young cheeks, but that only made me want her more.

"Undo my pants," I said insistently, and when she didn't act quick enough, I grabbed her and swung her roughly across my knees.

"No! No! No! Daddy," she squealed, but too late.

Again I brought my hand down firmly upon her tender young bum. Not satisfied with just once, I did it again and again until her wee bottom was burning red, and al the time she squealed and cried.

When I released her and told her again to attend to my pants, she did not hesitate. I had her pull my pants from me, then together we took all my other clothes off, until all I had on was my underpants. She could clearly see the big outline of my stiff cock, and I told her to touch it. This she did gingerly, but I continued to make her do it, and all the time she got better. You could see the expanding area of wetness that was where the tip of my cock was, showing just how close I was to fully coming. Now was the time, and I demanded that she take them from me. With both of us now totally naked, I forced her to put my cock into her mouth and to suck on it. Her reluctance to do it, was overridden by her fear of me smacking her again.

When I was about to come, I would stop her until my feeling had subsided a little, then get her started again. It couldn't go on forever, and while I wouldn't have minded shooting my spunk into her mouth, I want this load to go deep into her young belly through her cunt. More than anything, I wanted to take her cherry.

I got her onto the bed, so that she was lying crossways, and made her pull her legs up to her chest. Coming down over her, but still with my feet on the floor, I pushed my cock slowly into her tight little bald cunt. She was very wet, and very warm, and the feeling of her tightness gripping me as I forced it further and further into her was tremendous. Then suddenly she flinched and gasped. I had hit her protective hymen, and knew for sure that she was a pure virgin. I was going to deflower my beautiful little girl.

I pulled back a little, then with one firm hard thrust, I drove right through, rupturing her precious protective. She was a virgin no longer, and I was deep inside her belly. She squealed a bit when I did it, but that soon stopped.

I was ready to come, so got quickly into my stride, fucking her hard. Huge amounts of thick spunk had been building up in my balls, and was desperate for release. Wham. The first jet shot out of my cock and flooded her young belly. This was followed by successive shots, each one blasting right up into her sweet wee womb until it could hold no more, and it poured and gushed out around my cock and trickled down the little gap between her cunt and her bum hole. Oh but it was so good.

I kept my cock in her even after I'd finished, and talked to her all about fucking. Sure my cock went soft inside her, but what else would you expect? Still within about half an hour, I was ready to start fucking her again. This time it took longer, and I pounded my rod deep into my daughter's young body for some time before she started squealing. This time it was with joy, and not pain, and shortly after, I again blow my load deep into her.

That was the first time I fucked my daughter, and I've done it many times since.

First Time With Daddy
Want to find out what hides behind closed doors?
Forbidden love acts between men and their daughters!

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